Why The Island Boys were right to walk off the IMPAULSIVE podcast

Theo Salaun

Rap duo The Island Boys are currently bearing the brunt of the internet’s ire, but in spite of their divisive presence, they weren’t the ones who ruined their appearance on the IMPAULSIVE podcast.

The Island Boys broke onto the music scene to instant controversy. The rappers, who are identical twins, certainly make for an eye-catching pair, boasting colorful hairstyles and a faceful of tattoos.

It’s not just their style that’s turning heads; their debut song, ‘Island Boy,’ first alerted the net to their presence, earning the duo a slew of backlash over the bass-boosted track. In many ways, their virality seemed the product of a “laughing at you, not with you” environment.

Ever since then, the Island Boys have become objects of curiosity. Netizens wonder how they’ve become so popular when they’re so hated. The rappers were booed at their very first concert. Critics threw drinks at them and hurled insults when they attended Jake Paul’s rematch against Tyron Woodley.

It’s clear that they’re not the internet’s darlings, but when they were invited onto the IMPAULSIVE podcasts as guests, the two were met with vitriol of a different sort.

The podcast is helmed by YouTuber-turned-NFT connoisseur Logan Paul, along with co-hosts Mike Majlak and George Jankos.

Paul has made it his mission to invite all sorts of guests onto his show, having discussed current internet culture with Russel Brand and the ethics of guns on campus with Katilin Bennet in his studio.

IMPAULSIVE russel brand podcast
The IMPAULSIVE podcast has seen all manner of guests throughout the years.

Island Boys invited onto IMPAULSIVE podcast

During each of these episodes, Paul and crew have (mostly) maintained a sort of decorum — but when the Island Boys stepped on set, the group’s line of questioning strayed toward uncertainty that the duo would “make it” in the music biz.

Although the conversation spanned questions about regretting their tattoos or managing to get along in life despite their unique styles, it eventually shifted toward “haters.” At one point, Paul asked about the rappers’ backup plan: “What if it doesn’t work out, and now you’ve just got this hair and these face tats?”

Island Boys on Impaulsive podcast
The Island Boys angrily stormed off the set of the IMPAULSIVE podcast due to a question asked by co-host George Jankos.

While the situation later became centered around Jankos, this is where it took its turn. It’s not an undue question; the Island Boys are currently one-hit wonders riding the wave of their social stardom, and there’s no telling where their careers will take them next – but saying that, without their music, they’ve “just got this hair and these face tats” made them visibly uncomfortable.

This escalation came as a stark contrast to the rappers’ behavior during the podcast. The duo were fairly mild-mannered, well-spoken, and overall polite considering the direction in which the conversation was devolving.

George Jankos and some “nice advice”

Instead of easing up after the pair tried to deflect questions about their failure, Jankos then leaned into the line of questioning: “I think, if God forbid, it doesn’t go in your guys’s direction – for real, I think you guys take all of your jewelry assets and invest it in something so you guys will never be broke again.”

This hit the same sore spot for the duo. The Island Boys clearly took offense to Jankos’ remark, with one asking him to stop talking, before hitting back: “I don’t need financial advice when I probably make more money than you.”

Things escalated and Jankos retorted by saying that he was “being nice” and “giving nice advice,” but he “could be an asshole” instead. The rappers ultimately ended up walking off the podcast, resulting in their now-memeable response: “You know I’m thuggin’, right?”

After the walkout, Jankos, Paul, and Majlak comforted themselves that they were simply concerned for the welfare of the up-and-coming musical duo. Jankos even said he wished the tensions were resolved by a “hug” and them thanking him for “great advice.”

Janko’s and Paul’s questions about backup plans may not have been malicious – but they were undoubtedly poorly presented and deserving of the Island Boys’ discomfort.

An unfortunate end to an otherwise-pleasant conversation

IMPAULSIVE invited two internet stars who have turned people laughing at them into quick online success. Then, Paul essentially minimized them as just ‘hair and face tats’ without their viral song, and Jankos suggested they could become “broke again” if they don’t sell off their newly acquired jewelry.

If the podcast hosts wanted to ask about fall-back options and financial advice, they could have done so without painting those questions against an air of inevitable failure. Instead, their concerns came across as condescending charity.

Island Boys make song for Jake Paul Tyron Woodley rematch
YouTube: Big Bag Ent
The Island Boys may not be everyone’s cup of tea – but their walkout from the IMPAULSIVE podcast was the result of a condescending line of questioning that essentially accused the duo of eventual failure.

The podcast’s conclusion was an unfortunate one. Jankos did seem genuinely excited to meet the Island Boys and the twins were more well-spoken and polite than some may have expected.

What could have continued being a pleasant clash of worlds ended up souring so quickly that the conversation could not be salvaged. The Island Boys’ defensiveness deserves some blame for that, but the inflammatory tone of questioning and advice does, too.