Island Boys clap back at Jake Paul as feud continues: “That man is not on my level”

jake-paul-island-boys-clap-back-feudInstagram: Flyysoulja / Jake Paul

The Island Boys clapped back at Jake Paul after he said he would have “smacked the sh*t out of them” following their walkout on the IMPAULSIVE podcast, claiming he’s “not on their level.”

A feud between The Island Boys and Jake Paul has seemingly blown up out of nowhere in December 2021. It started when they stormed off Logan Paul’s podcast following a heated confrontation with co-host George Janko.

Jake wasn’t there at the time. However, he wasn’t impressed with what went down. He described The Island Boys as “punks,” mocked their size, and claimed he would have “smacked the s**t out of them” if he was there.

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Flyysouljah, one of the members of the viral duo, posted a series of TikTok videos responding to fans’ questions about Jake.

Not only did he clap back at him, but he also shared his feelings about the podcast confrontation.

island boys impaulsiveYouTube: IMPAULSIVE
The Island Boys stormed off the set of the IMPAULSIVE podcast.

In his first post, he responded to a fan asking whether he’d fight Jake Paul by bursting out in song. “He don’t want to [fight] me,” he sung.

“You gotta stop that acting. The internet is a funny place. I’m just way too thuggin.'”

Then, he followed it up with another post and slammed Paul. “Man, why y’all put me in the same sentence as that man?” he said.

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“I’m thuggin.’ You can’t even tell by the way I look? That man is not on my level, homie.”

Finally, he talked about his experience on the IMPAULSIVE podcast. However, he did it in a mocking voice.

“They treated me very, very bad. They really did treat me badly. I don’t appreciate that. I was very [disappointed].

Kodiyakredd, the other Island Boy, has been less vocal about the feud than his twin. In fact, he hasn’t posted about it at all.

It will be interesting to see how Jake responds. If he didn’t have an enormous height and weight advantage over them, he might have considered taking them on in an exhibition bout.

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