Shroud defends New World as Twitch fans question why he’s still playing

shroud-new-world-twitch-defendAmazon Games / Twitch: Shroud

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek defended New World after a fan questioned why he’s still playing. He claimed the best is yet to come and revealed some upcoming features he’s looking forward to.

Shroud is still enthusiastic about New World even though its player count is in decline. However, he thinks the developers need to make some changes to keep the game alive and claimed the next update could make or break the game.

But just when he was about the start playing it during his stream on December 18, a fan told him the game “sucks” and asked him why he’s still playing it. He defended it, explaining that the best is yet to come.

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New World’s player count has dropped since it launched in September 2021.

“New World sucks? Dude, It’s getting good,” he said. “The next update in January, I think, will have dungeon mutations. You’ll be able to mutate dungeons, kind of similar to like Mythic Plus content in WoW.”

Shroud explained that this change would make dungeons so hard, the only way players can get through them is by having top-tier gear. “You’re going to need that gear, or else you’re just going to wipe,” he said.

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For that reason, he’s “really looking forward” to the challenge and thinks it’s just what the game needs to keep players interested. “I’m actually really looking forward to the mutations. I’m super excited about that.”

However, he did say that he hopes the dungeons will give players “good rewards” to make the runs worthwhile. “If they just give you the same old bullsh*t, I’m going to be pissed.”

The patch he’s referring to will be available for testing on the New World Public Test Realm (PTR) sometime in January 2022. It is expected to go live shortly after.

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Whether it will be enough to stop the player count from declining and perhaps even cause an upswing is a different story. Shroud seems confident that it will.