Shroud explains why he’s not streaming FFXIV Online like everyone else

. 7 months ago
Shroud inside Final Fantasy Online
Shroud/Square Enix

Twitch star Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has explained why he’s not made Final Fantasy 14 his main game like other streamers, complaining it feels a bit too “free-to-play” as a whole.

Over the last few years, Shroud has made waves on the internet for being an absolute god when it comes to shooter games as he’s dominated everything from Call of Duty to PUBG and back again.

Though, the former Counter-Strike star isn’t just all about popping headshots. He’s also obsessed with MMO’s, as he’s spent days on stream grinding through the likes of World of Warcraft and Amazon Games’ New World.

With complaints about both WoW and New World stacking up from MMO fans, many of them have switched to Final Fantasy XIV online and made that their game of choice. However, Shroud has yet to do so.

FFXIV Online Red Mage
Square Enix
MMO fans have been flocking to FFXIV Online.

Shroud’s biggest issue with Final Fantasy 14

Though he has dipped his toe into the world of Final Fantasy Online, the Canadian hasn’t taken to it as much as the likes of Asmongold and Summit1g have.

Responding to fan questions about him playing Square Enix’s MMO, Shroud said: “Have you tried Final Fantasy 14? Yeah, I have. I can’t get into it. It’s so free-to-play that it hurts.”

That ‘free-to-play’ comment left some fans asking for a bit more context, which he delivered a little later. “What does that even mean? Just how it looks. It’s visuals, UI, gameplay, it’s just something from like over a decade ago you know that hasn’t changed. It hasn’t updated, gotten with the times, it has just stayed the same,” Shroud added.

Naturally, some viewers disagreed with his take, but it seems like Shroud has already made his mind up.

Many more MMO fans have been diving into the world of Final Fantasy following the release of Endwalker, causing insane queue times each day. Though, don’t expect to see Shroud joining them any time soon.

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