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Shroud claims New World could get popular WoW feature

Published: 1/Jan/2022 23:41

by Bill Cooney


Twitch streamer shroud has revealed New World will be adding a way to upgrade gear that’s very similar to Valor Points in WoW.

Valor points were introduced to WoW during the Cataclysm expansion all the way back in 2012. This unique currency is used to purchase and upgrade powerful PvE armor and weapons for raiding.

During a recent stream, shroud let slip that a similar system could be coming to New World as well.

Valor Points coming to New World

Obviously, they won’t be called Valor Points when the arrive in New World, instead according to shroud they’ll be known as Mutation Shards, or something similar.


“The rumor is that when 620 comes out, it’ll just be for mutations, and you’ll get these shards,” he explained. “And the shards just increase the gear score of your current gear.”

This should allow more gear to be viable come the endgame, if the player can afford to give it enough upgrades. One of the biggest complaints about New World is the lack of equipment and gear that’s actually worthwhile, which this Valor Points-like system could help fix.

“So it’ll be more guaranteed at that point,” he continued. “You’ll be like ‘I have a good piece, I’m going to do a bunch of mutations to get it from 600 to 605, 610.”


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They might not be called “Valor Points” in New World, but the Mutation Shards should function pretty much the same way.

Of course, shroud didn’t reveal exactly when this new system/currency would be coming out. But if he’s talking about it openly on stream, it’s probably safe to assume it’ll be arriving in one of the next updates.

After coming out in early 2021 New World definitely experienced its fair share of growing pains, but devs obviously haven’t given up. If this change is a sign of things to come, 2022 could be a very big year for this fledging MMO.