New World Steam free weekend: How to play & Rabbit’s Revenge event

Lauren Bergin
lost ark female mage fights warriorAmazon Game Studios

Amazon’s flagship MMORPG, New World, is beckoning players into the chaotic world of Aeternum with a free weekend on Steam and an all-new Easter event; Rabbit’s Revenge. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Set in an ever-expanding world where 17th Century themes collide with all things fantasy, Amazon Games’ flagship MMORPG, New World, tasks players with carving a fresh start on the forgotten isle of Aeternum.

With the new Heart of Madness expansion dropping even more content into the game, as well as the fearsome blunderbuss, the devs have thrown open the shores of this long lost paradise to grant players a free to play weekend on Steam.

Not only this, there’s a fun-filled Easter event featuring adorable yet deadly rabbits on the horizon, too. Aptly entitled ‘Rabbit’s Revenge,’ here’s everything you need to know about both the event, and New World’s free-to-play weekend.


new world enemy runs at cameraAmazon Game Studios
As players dive into the depths of New World’s corrupted universe, there’s a lot lurking beneath the surface.

New World free-to-play Steam weekend

Starting at April 7 at 10 AM PST / 1PM EST / 6PM GMT / 7PM CEST and ending on April 11 at the same time, players will be able to dive into Amazon’s mysterious New World absolutely free of charge.

Not only will you be able to effectively try the game our for free over the long weekend, you’ll also receive 40% off of your purchase of both the base game and its deluxe edition. This promotion runs from the start of the free-to-play period until April 18.

Additionally, for those who try out the game and are left wanting more, your character will transfer over if you buy a full copy, meaning you won’t have to start from the beginning and will keep your gear.

Free Housing Item drop

In order to celebrate this free-to-play weekend, old and new players can pick up the Black Bear Pelt Rug for their home via the in-game store. Again, this drop is completely free, and will add a certain rustic elegance to your home away from home.

new world players hunting a black bearAmazon Game Studios
Thankfully you won’t need to hunt bears in order to decorate your new home.

New World: Rabbit’s Revenge Easter event

As one good thing ends another begins, as on April 12 New World’s Easter event, Rabbit’s Revenge, will flood Aeternum with fearsome furballs just looking to cause some mischief.

By curbing the tide of these cheeky little critters, you’ll be able to grab up to three Diamond Gypsum loot drops, as well as five luck-increasing consumables. If lady luck is, indeed, on your side, word has it that these bunnies also have a mythic storage chest hidden in their lair just waiting for you to find it.

So that’s everything we know about New World’s free-to-play weekend, as well as the Rabbit’s Revenge Easter event.

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