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New World players catch farming bot red handed amid exploits drama

Published: 24/Oct/2021 23:14

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Following the discovery of multiple exploits including gold farming and invincibility, New World players are now reporting farming bots that inflate Trading Board prices by gathering materials and putting them up for sale automatically.

Amazon Games’ new MMORPG has got off to a rocky start following its worldwide launch on September 28, 2021. In just three weeks since release, players have complained of an invincibility glitch, an infinite gold exploit, and more.

And now, it appears as though New World has a botting problem, with many users reporting seeing them used for material farming at an attempt to make money, having a negative effect on the online RPG’s economy in the process.


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Amazon Games
Bots are being used to gather materials automatically.

New World players discover farming bots

On the New World Reddit forum, user ‘TheCanabalisticBambi’ shared a video of their group ingeniously trapping a bot by using camps. “We caught a bot on our camps tonight,” they captioned it. “Level 30 no faction bot running same paths and doing the same actions.”

In the clip, the group can be seen standing around three camps used to trap a continuously-running player, presumably programmed to run on an exact route and perform certain actions such as gathering.

While it does look comical, it shone light on a bigger issue, with many New World fans replying in the comments with similar experiences.


We caught a bot on our camps tonight. Level 30 no faction bot running same paths and doing the same actions. from newworldgame

“We have one as well,” ‘RaR902’ said. “He has leveled all the way to 32 doing nothing but picking hemp and then dumping it on the [Windsward] auction house. This will only get worse.”

“We have a guy on our server that has been collecting water since day 1 in Windsward,” ‘UberDarkAardvark’ replied. “It’s funny because on the first few days I don’t think he was botting because he would emote back if you danced or crouch spammed. Now he just sits there… Level 3… Collecting water.”

“Good for you guys. Wish Amazon would do something about these bots and cheaters sooner than later,” ‘Recon11486’ commented.


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Other players shared their experiences.

Despite appearing harmless, bot farmers who are programmed to do nothing except gather and sell materials on the Trading Board end up inflating the game’s economy, causing nothing but headaches for real players. Not to mention it also hogs up valuable resources, stopping others from being able to gather them.

A simple eBay search reveals there’s already a booming market for New World gold, with 20k coin selling for $200 on average for those who would rather pay real cash than make their own in-game money.