Twitch streamer destroys setup by slam dunking his monitor in rage

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A Twitch streamer has caught the attention of many viewers after he broke his setup after losing a fight in New World. 

New World may not be as popular as it was when it originally launched, but there’s still a dedicated community that plays Amazon’s MMO. One of the reasons the playerbase has stuck around is because of the game’s PvP, which enables adventurers to flex their might in massive team battles. 

It’s in these scenarios that the community must work together to either siege or defend a position from their enemies. Obviously, like many PvP games, things can often get a little heated. Well, this is exactly what happened when one New World streamer ended his stream by having a meltdown.

Twitch streamer destroys setup during New World rage

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New World multiplayer is incredibly competitive.

One of the most popular multiplayer modes in New World is War – a 50-vs-50 game mode that pits attackers and defenders against one another. As an attacker, players must try to gain control of the opposing team’s fort to claim a dominant victory. Of course, this is much easier said than done. 

With a constant bombardment of spells, lethal projectiles, and melee skirmishes – obtaining a victory as an attacker is often incredibly hard. As a result, a huge amount of communication and teamwork is required to avoid a frustrating loss. 

However, one New World streamer clearly wasn’t having a good time after he kept getting eliminated by a powerful ice-based spell. “You won’t nerf a f*cking circle of ice? F*cking pathetic game makers, bro.”

It was clear he wasn’t having a good time, but things got even worse when another AoE snowstorm destroyed him. The streamer quickly slammed his headset into his desk, which then bounced directly into his screen, breaking it in the process. 

While multiplayer games can be frustrating, it’s often best to avoid taking your anger out on the peripherals you need to actually play said game. After all, you may find yourself having to purchase multiple replacements in the future.