New World PvP servers: Developer responds to requests for PvP

Lauren Bergin

Amazon Games’ flagship MMO, New World, boasts a wealth of PvE content for players to dive into, but what’s the score with possible dedicated PvP servers?

New World has become a household name for MMO fans everywhere. Topping the Twitch charts during the beta campaign, the hype surrounding the game continues to snowball.

Viewers have seen a lot of the title’s PvE gameplay, but one of the most exciting aspects of any open world extravaganza is the PvP action.

But will you be able to play on dedicated PvP servers when the game releases? Here’s everything we know so far.


New World war campaign
New World allows players to lay siege to others’ strongholds in their War campaigns.

Does New World have PvP servers?

One of Amazon Games’ New World dev team, Windsward, has confirmed on Steam that there “are no plans for dedicated PvP servers at launch,” clarifying that the main issue is “dividing dev and support requirements between slightly different versions of the game”.

“We’d have to be really clear about what the long term support would look like,” they continued. “Those PvP players would expect game updates targeting their version of the game too.”

New World will not have dedicated pvp servers
Windsward has confirmed that there will not be PvP servers on release.

Will New World have PvP servers in the future?

Importantly, Windsward notes that they have to cater to “how the majority of other players are playing New World,” implying that most of the player base are playing the PvE driven aspects of the game.

While nothing is set in stone, this does seem to imply that dedicated PvP servers aren’t high up on Amazon’s list of priorities as vast amounts of players are happy playing the mix of PvE and PvP.

In an interview with Dexerto, Twitch streamer Asmongold noted that the servers were struggling to cope with the demand during the beta campaign, and urged Amazon to focus on fixing those before moving on to other things.

Considering server performance can literally break the game, it would make more sense for the devs to concentrate all efforts into fixing what they already have first.

So that’s it for dedicated PvP servers in New World! For all of the latest information on Amazon’s highly anticipated title, be sure to check out our main page.

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