Asmongold shocked at New World player count: “Where is everybody?”

Lawrence Scotti
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Twitch star streamer Asmongold was stunned after seeing how empty New World when making his return, and he’s hoping the game’s player base doesn’t die out completely.

New World has had the wind taken out of its sails over the last few months.

After the MMO’s massive launch back in September 2021, it has had a steady loss of players. It has also fought for relevance as Amazon Game Studios has launched another MMO, Lost Ark, which has been a huge success and has topped the chart since its release.

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With seemingly no room left for New World, Asmongold thinks there’s still hope it can survive long term, but was shocked at just how many players the game has lost when he made his return to Aeternum.

Asmongold pink hoodie microphoneAsmongold
Asmongold has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Asmongold stunned by “dead” New World

The 30-year-old streamer was live on March 29 when he hopped back into New World after a hiatus.

The OTK member was stunned to see how empty the game’s world was.

“Oh my God, where is everybody?”Damn, that’s sad. Whenever I stopped playing the game was still popping off. Well, it wasn’t really popping off, but there were a lot of people playing.”

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He continued, “That’s actually so f**king depressing. How do I play the game now? Because you can’t do any group content. It’s just sad, bro.”

Asmon explained he used to “love” streaming New World, and said it was the “perfect” game to broadcast on his second channel, zackrawrr.

“I hope they can get s**t back together, I know there’s people that don’t like New World, but I’m not one of those people.”

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The Amazon published MMO has dropped to 700k daily players in March 2022. Despite its dramatic fall-off, Asmongold is hopeful the game can regain the moment it had at launch.

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