New World devs revert massive endgame nerfs: “We were wrong”

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New World devs have announced that they’ll be reverting planned nerfs to endgame players, issuing an apology to the community for the misstep: “It is now clear we were wrong.”

New World devs have had their hands full since the game’s September 2021 release, in a near-constant state of patching and re-patching the Amazon Games’ MMO.

The trend continues with the upcoming December update as plans to nerf endgame equipment for players at max level have scaled back.

The community is lauding this humble apology and reverse, standing beside the very dev team that they are so often found criticizing.

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New World players praise upcoming patch revert & dev apology

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New World devs are hard at work trying to keep players happy and seem to have made a step in the right direction here.

In a post to forums late on December 6, devs outlined revisions to a patch that was originally laid out on December 2.

This was originally intended to provide a revised way to continue scaling late-game but was quickly perceived as a pure nerf that would weaken players that have invested the most time into Aeternum.

After several days of complaints, changes have now been made to this and an apology has been issued by devs for the hiccup: “We initially thought it being only temporary and giving a new path with to gain back that power with Gypsum would be acceptable, but it is now clear we were wrong.”

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Players are praising devs for taking notice of their concerns and seem to sincerely appreciate the apology.

Multiple posts have been made to the game’s subreddit since the forum post went live, nearly all of them filled with a rare fit of positivity from the outspoken community.

One post simply titled, “They actually listened!” has amassed over 1,400 upvotes and 450+ comments all filled with comments like: “Ok you win, I un-quit.”

It’s clear that a majority of players not only like the patch reversion but are also simply happy the community is in a more positive place. “I can’t wait for the next patch so that all these negative nancies quit the game,” another said.

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While this patch may not solve all of New World’s issues, it appears to have gotten a few things right. An important step for a game whose player count has plateaued since its release.

A release date for the December 1.2 patch has not yet been confirmed, so watch this space.