New World players flame devs over “slap in the face” XP nerf

Bill Cooney
New World XP nerf

New World players aren’t happy about a recent XP nerf that makes leveling take longer, calling the change a “slap in the face.”

Part of every MMO is getting your character to max level to participate in endgame content.

However, a recent change by Amazon Games Studio is making it take much longer than it used to, and players are claiming its “killed” New World’s progression.

New World XP nerf is “huge slap in the face”

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New World recently made it much more arduous to get a character to max level.

So, why would New World devs make it take longer to reach maximum level? In any MMO you don’t want players flying through the progression stage. Ideally, you want it to take some time and feel rewarding for the player at the same time.

Whatever the reasoning behind the change, XP gain was recently nerfed by roughly half for characters leveling up, compared to just after release.

This means it’s harder for new players to reach max level than it was for players who are already there. Not only that, it’s created a massively imbalanced economy, where a small percentage of established players at the top rake in an overwhelming amount of profit compared to others.

“XP nerf has killed this game’s progression for me. Level 118 engineers, crafted over 160 wyrwood poles and only got to level 140,” CryptidMythos posted on Reddit. “Over 25+ hours of farming mats, and sinking 4K+ gold into taxes..this is a huge slap in the face and needs to be addressed.”

“It wouldn’t be so bad if it was like this from Day 1. Knowing that a significant number of people got to level 200 with half the effort – and legitimately without exploits – is terrible,” one user replied. “Nerfing exp gain by 5% is whatever. People will get over it. Nerfing it by half is a completely different story.”

Players leveling post-XP nerf are also upset that devs didn’t apply these changes retroactively to those who were already at max level.

“The disproportion in the economy created from the game itself is absolutely insane,” another user said. “Lots of people struggle to make 2-4k a day while owners get around 100k(after townupkeeps) A DAY to use for owning a territory.”

Not to mention that some players who used and abused New World’s infamous Gold duping exploit weren’t caught, and still have access to those dubiously-gained funds.

If you’re planning on starting New World or a new character, be prepared for a much longer grind than you would have had to reach max level at release.

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