New World is actually permabanning players for putting “fart” in their name

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New World has been dishing out a lot of bans since its release. While most of these have been because of using cheats and exploits, some players have recently begun getting banned for the use of words like “fart” in their names.

New World, the Amazon Games MMO, has had a rocky start since its release in September of 2021.

While the game has maintained a respectable amount of players since then, the community has been met with constant disdain at the many exploits, dupes, and other problems that have plagued Aeternum.

Devs have been quick to deal with many players that have used such exploits, dishing out a massive amount of bans in November. However, it seems the banhammer has also fallen on those that used the word “fart” in their character’s name.

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New World issues permabans players using “fart” in their name

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New World needs to continue to ban cheaters, not those that simply endorse passing gas.

According to a Twitter post that was then shared to Reddit containing screenshots as proof, one player has reported that their account has been permanently banned for the use of the word “fart” in their character’s name.

The Reddit post has caught fire since its December 5 post date, racking up almost 500 comments and sitting near the top of the game’s subreddit.

Reactions are mixed, but just about everyone can’t get over the reasoning for the ban. Screenshots seem to show Amazon support chat confirming that fart is the inappropriate part of the player’s name, calling it, “morally unacceptable.”

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Images posted of the continuation of the chat are even more hilarious, as the player being banned finds out that “poop” is acceptable.

They’re seen asking for the difference between the names “PoopPlayer” and “StinkyWetFart” wondering, “like playing with literal feces is not offensive?”

While flatulence is not widely considered to be a question of morality, it seems to be quite a severe one in this case as the player above claims to have been handed a permanent ban.

Others have joked about names that are equally as questionable without receiving bans, but we suggest readers err on the side of caution until devs respond to these complaints.

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We will continue to provide updates and will be sure to pass the gas on to readers…