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New World devs apologize for hidden update 1.1 changes and promise improvements

Published: 22/Nov/2021 21:06

by Connor Knudsen


New World devs have apologized to the community over hidden changes, and some other mishaps, that came along with update 1.1. They’re promising major improvements to stability and transparency moving forward.

New World continues in its cycle of aggressive patching and subsequent bugs met with community backlash after update 1.1.

The update brought some major improvements to the game, the Void Gauntlet, and patched over 100 bugs, however, the community immediately called out devs over some hidden changes contained in the notes.

In hindsight, devs have responded to the community in a lengthy developer corner post, apologizing for the missteps and promising to do better in the future.


New World devs respond to update 1.1 hidden changes, issue apology to players

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New World devs are hard at work trying to keep players happy but are struggling against a tide of bugs and exploits.

In a lengthy post to the forums Developer Corner section titled “Update on Current Issues #3,” New World devs issued an apology to the player base over hidden changes in update 1.1 and addressed some of the other major issues in the update like stability.

It cited the lengthy patch and the time in which many changes were made as the main reason they weren’t explicitly mentioned prior, devs said.

“We are sorry that a number of undocumented changes made it into the 1.1 Into the Void update. This update includes many changes the team made months ago before we branched our launch build. This long time frame and the size of the patch, led to a number of changes that we missed in the release notes. This wasn’t intentional, and we are working to improve our processes to ensure more accurate release notes in the future.”


Following this apology is a list of changes that were not included in the patch notes, some of which community members had already pointed out in a Reddit thread.

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Into the Void update 1.1 is New World’s biggest update yet, especially now that we officially know of these hidden changes.

Devs also went into some depth about the stability issues that have run rampant since Into the Void went live, especially in Wars and around large groups of players. Apparently, the game’s new weapon is to blame.

“We released an update today that we believe improved stability and are working feverishly on a fix for performance. The void gauntlet introduced a problem with status effects where they are using approximately 10x the bandwidth they should, resulting in performance issues when multiple status effects (not isolated to Void Gauntlet) are fired off…Going forward we strive to improve the quality of our releases.”


With these issues now on the dev team’s radar, hopefully, the same sorts of mistakes will not be made twice and their promises to improve quality will be backed up.

With streamers like shroud still uncovering new bugs, it’s clear that there’s still work to be done to the Amazon Games’ MMO heading into the holiday season.