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How to get Wheel of Time skins in New World: Release date for Twitch drops

Published: 22/Dec/2021 17:33

by Connor Knudsen


A new Wheel of Time skin set has just been announced for New World. Here’s how to get your hands on the new cosmetics via Twitch drops.

New World continues to end its first calendar year with a bang, as Winter has come to Aeternum with the game’s Winter Convergence.

But, that’s not all that Amazon Games’ devs have in mind this holiday season.

The popular book series turned TV show, Wheel of Time, will be coming to New World through a new skin set. Here’s more on when these will be available and how to get them via Twitch drops.


How to get Wheel of Time skins in New World

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Amazon Games
The Amazon Games’ MMO is looking to end 2021 with a bang.

New World is getting seven brand-new Wheel of Time-themed skins in collaboration with the Prime Video TV series. All players will need to do to claim them, is tune in on Twitch.

More specifically, players will need to tune into certain New World streamers on Twitch for a combined seven hours between December 23 at 9 PM PST and January 12, 2022 at 12 AM PST to earn all items in the drop. A list of approved streamers can be found on the official blog post.

The seven cosmetic items range from cloaks to crests and are earned in the following order for each hour watched:


  1. Nynaeve’s Coat “Listen to the winds for they carry true wisdom.”

  2. Red Ajah Cloak “This color serves as a warning for those who would seek to do harm.”

  3. Tam’s Blade (Rapier skin) “Beautiful as it is deadly. A true guardian’s weapon.”

  4. Ouroboros Crest

  5. Children of the Light “Ivory robes can sometimes belie the intentions of their wearers.”

  6. Shadowspawn Blade (Sword skin) “The fearsome claw of a terrible dark lord.”

  7. Egwene’s Cloak “Only the gifted can follow the path of magic.”

For those unable to watch the drop, the blog post claims that “You can watch The Wheel of Time at your convenience on Amazon Prime Video, and you have until January 12, 2022 at 12 A.M. PT to earn the Twitch Drops.”

This isn’t the first time New World has teamed up with its Amazon affiliates to provide players new gear. The game has multiple Twitch rewards for Prime Gaming members and has done other rewards previously for tuning in to New World streamers.

This event will kick off with New World streamers on the aforementioned list streaming the season finale of Wheel of Time.


If you haven’t already tuned in and want to watch the finale live, you have until December 23 at 9 PM PST to catch up!