New World Winter Convergence event: Start date, winter tokens, holiday villages

Connor Knudsen
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New World’s first major seasonal event is finally here. Winter Convergence brings all-new winter tokens, quests, ice caves, and holiday villages to Aeternum.

New World devs have been hard at work cooking up a massive update for December and, after a small delay, it’s finally here for players to enjoy.

Winter Convergence comes alongside a massive set of patch notes to the game that overhauls much of its late-game content, as well as adds a winter flair to the forsaken island.

Here’s everything you can expect from the Winter Convergence, including new winter tokens, holiday villages, quests, the event’s start date and so much more.

New World Winter Convergence event start date

new world winter event
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The Winter Convergence Festival is here!

The New World Winter Convergence is live as of December 16!

Players will need to log in to Steam to download the update, which should be right around 6 GB in total. This update will bring a litany of major changes as well as a new event.

The event will run until January 11, so make sure and check out the snowy wonderland before it’s too late!

Winter Convergence winter tokens, holiday villages, & more

gleamite new world
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Look out for Gleamite all throughout Aeternum during the winter event!

Winter in Aeternum means ice caves, snowfall, new villages, and winter tokens for players to collect during the event. Here’s a bit more on what each of the event’s elements will bring, according to the official event update.

  • Winter tokens: “The player takes on the cause of the Winter Wanderer to collect Winter Tokens from repeatable events across the island, and is able to turn them in to a Holiday Shop containing rare and cosmetic items. The Winter Wanderer’s positive aspect grows in power with each Token collected and turned in.”
  • Holiday villages: “The Winter Wanderer has set up four villages to facilitate the joy and cheer of Winter Convergence. Visit these villages in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, Weaver’s Fen, and Brightwood to meet the Winter Wanderer and carry out his holiday quests!”
  • Ice caves: “Ice Caves are appearing all over Aeternum because of the Winter Warrior’s desire for a Forever Winter. They are snowy and icy caves that the yeti use their powers to freeze up and make snow fall. The rest of Aeternum will look like these Ice Caves if the onslaught of the Warrior is not stopped!”

In addition to these, beautiful Tree’s of Light and Gleamite crystals will be popping up around much of Aeternum, giving players all-new quests to complete and lost presents to track down.

The update comes with a set of patch notes that changes many of the technical aspects of the game as well. For more on those, New World devs have posted a complete list of the December update patch notes to the game’s official site.

Overall, this event looks to pack a massive punch and should give players much to be excited about as the Amazon Games’ MMO closes out its first year and heads into 2022!