New World devs confirm new weapons coming: Blunderbuss, Great Sword, Daggers

Connor Knudsen
Amazon Games

New World devs shared some exciting notes on the game’s future, including some new weapons on the horizon. Get ready for the Blunderbuss, Great Sword, and Daggers in Aeternum.

New World devs are looking ahead, and there are some exciting plans on the horizon for the Amazon Games’ MMO.

In a very lengthy dev blog video, the game’s developers covered a lot about the game’s direction, mistakes they’ve made so far, and so on. This included some major news about new weapons coming to the game in the near future.

Here’s more on what devs had to say about when the Blunderbuss, Great Sword, and Daggers will arrive in Aeternum and what fans can expect from the exciting new weapons.

New World to add Blunderbuss, Great Sword, and Daggers

new world musket
Amazon Games
New World’s weapon roster is about to get some major additions.

In a December 17 video that ranged over an hour, devs talked at length about a multitude of different topics including bugs, quests, the Winter event, and some new weapons they’re working on.

According to devs, the three mentioned weapons were the Blunderbuss, Great Sword, and Daggers. Here’s what they had to say about each, with a full video of the dev blog below.

The Blunderbuss appears to be first up on the docket, coming out “pretty soon,” according to devs. The weapon will be “more exciting, more explosive, and more chaotic” than the Musket and will have “more of a run and gun style.”

The Great Sword is another one devs claim to be working on, with “stance switching” being a core element of its gameplay and usage.

Lastly, Daggers are a weapon that they claimed was, “at the table,” meaning that they are on a shortlist of new weapons that devs want in the game. “It’s near the front, but not quite there yet,” was a sentiment given about when Daggers could appear in the queue of new weapons.

Devs didn’t say much else on weapons outside of the above sentiments, but they did cover a variety of other topics in the video that are worth a listen for interested fans.

One Reddit user made a TL;DR as well for fans wanting a shorter version.

Overall, it seems like devs have learned a great deal from the game’s initial tribulations, chalking much of the issues they had up to being over-eager to fix issues.

If they are able to deliver on many of the promises from this update then New World fans have a lot to be excited about heading into 2022.