Kai Cenat slams Lil Nas X for “disrespecting” Christianity in new song

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Kai Cenat and Lil Nas X in side-by-side photos

Streamer Kai Cenat lashed out a Lil Nas X during a live stream over the rapper seemingly “mocking” Jesus Christ.

Around the release of his new song “J Christ,” Lil Nas X has come under fire for his use of biblical imagery on the song’s cover art and in an accompanying music video teaser.

The song, which samples a “gospel” album, sees the rapper entering his “Christian” era. “Whether I’m a cowboy, gay, satanic, or now Christian, y’all find a problem! Y’all don’t police nobody else art like mine,” he said in response to naysayers.

Streamer Kai Cenat also didn’t take too kindly to Lil Nas X’s recent actions and slammed the performer in a live stream.

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Kai Cenat is an extremely popular streamer.

Kai Cenat has some choices words for Lil Nas X

Popular streamer Kai Cenat appeared on a recent live stream, where he addressed Lil Nas X directly, and he didn’t hold back.

“Yo, Lil Nas X, you can eat my whole d*ck,” he said. “I hate that n***a. God gonna handle you in the right way. He’s extremely disrespectful. He disrespected God himself… he disrespected the whole culture.”

Many in the replies seemed to agree with Cenat.

“Lil Nas X needs to be controversial to sell,” wrote one user.

“‘It’s art’ but gay people wanted Kendrick Lamar cancelled bunch of hypocrites! Lost souls,” said another.

“People really out here mocking religion like the sh*t is funny. He’s right. God will handle it,” a third added.

Another chimed in, “Can’t stand the people defending him saying ‘artistic interpretation’ because those are the same people that let Christianity fall to this point.”

Meanwhile, others shared a very different viewpoint.

“It’s interesting that Kai has all this energy for Lil Nas x but says nothing about the other rappers that promote stealing, drugs, premarital sex, cheating, trapping, etc.,” countered DezlKing.

“They’re always ok with EVERY over immoral act but become high priests when they see Lil Nas X,” wrote another user.

“Kai desperate for clout after falling off. Not surprised he accepted a paid promo from Lil Nas X. If anyone thinks this is real, they need help,” claimed another.

Kai Cenat’s stream certainly gives Lil Nas X even more promo around the song. The rapper officially releases “J Christ” on January 12. There’s no word yet on when the gospel album will drop.

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