MultiVersus players think Breaking Bad’s Walter White was just confirmed as DLC

Walter White in MultiVersusPlayer First Games

Breaking Bad fans and MultiVersus players believe Walter White’s chances of being added as a DLC fighter just skyrocketed to confirmation-level status.

MultiVersus may not have been the Smash UItimate-killer that many thought it could be, but it still has a loyal fanbase that is in love with the idea of movie, TV, and gaming mascots battling it out.

Just like Smash, there are some characters that fans have been petitioning to get into WB’s platform fighter, and Breaking Bad’s Walter White has been their top pick since the game’s release.

While the developers have acknowledged the demands for the Breaking Bad anti-hero to duke it out with the likes of Batman, Shaggy, and LeBron James in the past, a recent decision by Game Director Tony Huynh has fans thinking that he’s in development.

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Breaking Bad's Walter White in MultiVersusPlayer First Games/Geosyrup
MultiVersus players have been dying for Walter White to join the roster.

MultiVersus fans convinced Walter White is confirmed

On November 7, a notable MultiVersus fan account pushing for Walter White to be added as the next fighter posted a startling revelation on Twitter.

“I just did a spit-take,” the account owner captioned a screenshot of Game Director Tony Huynh following his page.

This is very intriguing because a quick look at Tony’s Twitter account will show that he mostly follows MultiVersus pros and properties that have a representative in the game.

Fans immediately took this as a glorious sign, believing that the devs were in an RV cooking up the chemist’s moveset.

“Walter is in season 2 confirmed real,” one said while another remarked, “This is confirmation.”

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Is Walter White really being added to MultiVersus?

Of course, while this doesn’t exactly mean that Heisenberg will be added to the roster anytime soon, given Tony’s past interactions with the Walter White fan account, the fact he only just followed is raising some serious eyebrows.

The only other fan account that he follows is one campaigning for Adventure Time’s Ice King to join the roster – something very possible given the show’s existing presence in MultiVersus.

Plus, back in October, a notable MultiVersus leaker seemingly suggested that Walter White had been confirmed as a DLC fighter before their account before deleting it for a period of time.

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We’ll have to see what the future holds, but if there was ever a character that could match the hype of Sora being announced for Smash, it’s Walter White. Let’s hope that Player First Games can turn dreams into reality.