MultiVersus leaker hints Breaking Bad’s Walter White is upcoming fighter

Walter White added to MultiVersusMultiVersus

A notable leaker in the MultiVersus community has seemingly suggested that Walter White from Breaking Bad is in the works as an upcoming fighter.

MultiVersus is still the new kid on the platform fighter block, but it’s already made a big impression on gamers who long to see who will end up joining its growing roster.

Like Smash Ultimate before it, a lot of the hype for MultiVersus comes from its fighter reveals as fans watched with bated breath if their most-requested character finally will battle it out alongside Batman, Iron Giant, LeBron James, Rick, and Morty.

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Breaking Bad’s Walter White has been by far the game’s most sought-after fighter so far and as it turns out, the developers could be cooking him up for release as we speak.

multiversus walter white leakTwitter
The insider said this was their final MultiVersus leak.

Was Walter White leaked for MultiVersus?

In a series of cryptic tweets, Shady, a leaker who has since deleted their Twitter, posted that their biggest leak ever was coming.

A bit later, they posted a hint with three male emojis followed by a party hat, indicating that the fighter would be a “third party” and not someone already owned by Warner Bros.

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After first posting an alien emoji, Shady followed this up by claiming “there’s more than one” and retweeted a picture with the text “what was he cooking” on it.

Could MultiVersus be getting an alien fighter?

While this may seem mysterious, the leaker also attached a crystal ball emoji, resulting in users speculating they meant “cooking crystals” which Shady also retweeted.

This seems to imply that Walter White is definitely coming given the meaning behind all the posts. If you ignore the Alien emoji, which could also potentially refer to X-Files, which Walter White’s actor, Bryan Cranston, also starred in, everything screams Breaking Bad.

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walter white leakTwitter
Walter White may have been confirmed by the leaker.

Shady did, however, also comment that they were not posting any hard evidence and wanted to sort things out with their source before they made any hard confirmations.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Walter White is really on the way and this leak should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, just like with Sora in Smash, if the developers can make Walter White a reality, players will have yet another most-requested character at their fingertips.

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