MultiVersus players still convinced Walter White is coming soon

Philip Trahan
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Fans are still convinced that Walter White from Breaking Bad is joining the MultiVersus roster after a new tease on Twitter.

MultiVersus fans already know that Gizmo and Stripe from the Gremlins are headed to the roster soon.

However, there’s one character that fans refuse to give up on, even making it into a meme among the community.

After a recent tease on Twitter clearly hinting at the Gremlins addition, fans are still convinced that Walter White from Breaking Bad is joining the MultiVersus roster.

MultiVersus fans really want Walter White to join the game

Walter White in MultiVersus
Fans have even made fake mock-ups of Walter White in the style of MultiVersus.

Before the official reveal of Gismo and Stripe, the MultiVersus Twitter account tweeted the three basic rules of owning a Gremlin.

“Rule #1: Don’t expose them to sunlight. They hate it. Rule #2: Don’t get them wet. Rule #3: Whatever you do, NEVER feed him after midnight.”

While this tweet is clearly referencing the iconic 1984 film Gremlins, some passionate fans are memeing about the tweet referencing Walter White.

Specifically, the ‘Walter White for MultiVersus’ Twitter account, which has gained a hefty following of over 24,000 followers, responded to the tease with an image of Walter White in a pool.

Walter White’s inclusion in the Warner Bros. fighting game has become something of a meme among the community, with a dedicated Twitter account even gaining a substantial following from the meme.

On top of well-known meme accounts online, prominent members of the MultiVersus community like NAKAT have called for Walter White to join the roster.

The meme has grown so large that even the game’s director Tony Huynh has directly responded to the Walter White Twitter account, saying they love their passion but the team makes “no promises” that Walter White will ever make it in.

Unfortunately, copyright issues would certainly make it difficult for Walter White to make it into MultiVersus, considering Sony owns the rights to the show.

One thing’s for sure: the MultiVersus community won’t be giving up on Walter White any time soon.

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