MultiVersus chief confirms Gizmo & Stripe won’t be like Smash Bros’ Echo Fighters

Alec Mullins
MultiVersus Gremlins Gizmo and Stripe

MultiVersus Game Director Tony Huynh has provided fans with an update regarding the differences between Gizmo & Stripe and how they differ from the Super Smash Bros. concept of Echo fighters.

MultiVersus is already home to many of Warner Bros’ most iconic characters and the list of notable names only grows with the arrival of Gizmo and Stripe.

As a Mogwai, Gizmo is a cute and cuddly creature who packs a deceptively powerful punch under his adorable exterior. Stripe, a Gremlin, is not quite as cuddly but may be even more ferocious than his kindhearted counterpart.

While some fans were worried that these two would be arriving either as duo like Tom & Jerry, the head honcho has cleared the air around how Player First Games will be implementing the little guys.

Gizmo & Stripe will be unique from each other in MultiVersus

As he has with several other important updates, Huynh took to Twitter to speak on the differences between the two characters from the iconic 1980s franchise. His message was short and got right to the point.

“Gizmo and Stripe are two separate characters,” he noted.

A fan later asked him whether or not the tiny duo would be ‘echoes’ of each other (meaning characters that share a moveset but each have a distinct look) but the bossman insisted that the two will be “completely different” from one another.

This lines up well with the movies, as while Stripe is technically an offspring of the Mogwai, their behaviors are opposite in nature. While Gizmo is rambunctious, he remains good-hearted in nature. Stripe is far more chaotic and destructive and ultimately causes quite a stir before being taken down.

Hunyh also teased that Taz will be getting a small buff in the same update that adds Gizmo. Stripe will follow his antithesis up at some point, but no release date has been set quite yet.

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