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If you want to keep the pot boiling in the Monopoly Go’s Sunset Treasures event, you’ll need a lot of pickaxes. The Tycoon Cookout has a platter full of them, alongside plenty of other rewards. 

Seeing through all the 43 milestones of Tycoon Cookout will fetch you 194 pickaxes, as well as a Sticker Boom for ten minutes. Pickaxes in particular will be something to keep an eye on considering this will be the last solo event for the returning Treasures Event.

So, to ensure you don’t get cooked for Sunset Treasures, here are some tips for playing the Tycoon Cookout, including the full list of rewards.

All Monopoly Go Tycoon Cookout milestones & rewards

Below are all the rewards and points milestones for the Monopoly Go Tycoon Cookout.

110x3 Pickaxe
225x30 Dice
4110x5 Pickaxe
550Green Sticker Pack
675x50 Dice
7100x5 Pickaxe
8300x150 Dice
990x6 Pickaxe Tokens
10100Yellow Sticker Pack
12850x350 Dice
13125Bank Heist for 25 minutes
14150x10 Pickaxe
15180Yellow Sticker Pack
161,600x600 Dice
17200x12 Pickaxe
18250Pink Sticker Pack
202,750x900 Dice
21325x15 Pickaxe
23400Pink Sticker Pack
241,100x400 Dice
25550x18 Pickaxe
26700Blue Sticker Pack
274,000x1,300 Dice
28950x20 Pickaxe
291,150Blue Sticker Pack
301,700x650 Dice
311,900x30 Pickaxe
324,800x1,800 Dice Rolls
333,250Magenta Sticker Pack
341,600x25 Pickaxe
366,500x2,100 Dice Rolls
372,750Blue Sticker Pack
384,000x45 Pickaxe
408,750 x2,800 Dice
413,250Sticker Boom for 10 minutes
424,000Blue Sticker Pack
4315,000x6,500 Dice

In total, there are 17,630 dice and a 5-star Sticker Pack, as well as the usual Cash and lower-star Sticker Packs.

board in Monopoly Go

Tips for Tycoon Cookout challenge

You earn points in Monopoly Go Tycoon Cookout by landing on Chance, Railroad, and Community Chest. You’ll land on those frequently, hence the high point requirements.

Plus, Chance and Railroad are some of the better tiles to land on a regular day as well. Chance also often sends you straight to Railroad where you can make tons of cash.

This means there isn’t much to mull over, and setting the dice multiplier to either 10 or 20 should be good. But since landing on these objectives isn’t that uncommon, you can crank it higher, but you’ll need thousands of dice for that. 

In terms of pairing it with special events, something like Mega Heist or Lucky Chance would be perfect. But we don’t know if they’ll be featured while it runs. You can check all the schedules in our daily events article and decide the right time. 

There is also Sticker Boom for 20 minutes in milestone 41, a tall ask. If you want to get the most out of it, consider timing Quick Wins and leaderboards. It is also best to save Daily Gifts and claim them after you get Sticker Boom. They have a chance to drop Sticker Packs.

Monopoly Go Tycoon Cookout solo event dates

The Monopoly Go Tycoon Cookout challenge will start on July 6, 2024, and will be available until July 8. This means you’ll have 48 hours to get the rewards, and it’ll end with the Treasures Event. 

Make sure to keep decent dice stacked for it. If you’ve already exhausted your dice on recent solo and leaderboard challenges, here are the daily dice links and all the many ways to get them

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