Monopoly Go Independence Stars rewards & milestones

Paarth Wadke
Independence Stars tournament all rewards in Monopoly Go

The Independence Stars tournament is Monopoly Go’s latest ode to American Independence Day. Tycoons can grab free dice, Sunset Treasures pickaxes, sticker packs, and the sizzling Hot BBQ shield by completing it. 

But hurry – this tournament runs from July 4, 2024, at 2 pm ET until July 5, 2024, giving you a mere 24 hours to complete it. There are 30 levels you must complete by collecting points – so check out all the rewards awaiting you at each level.

All Independence Stars rewards & milestones in Monopoly Go

LevelsPoints neededRewards
130x4 Pickaxe
260x50 Dice
3401-Star Sticker Pack
4100x75 Dice
5140x5 Pickaxe
61755-Minutes High Roller
7140x7 Pickaxe
81802-Star Sticker Pack
9190x8 Pickaxe
10200x175 Dice
11220x10 Pickaxe
122303-Star Sticker Pack
13240x175 Dice
14300x12 Pickaxe
15400x275 Dice
1637525-Minutes Mega Heist
17425x15 Pickaxe
19600x400 Dice
20650x18 Pickaxe
227004-Star Sticker Pack
241,000x650 Dice
25900x25 Pickaxe
271,500x900 Dice
281,60010-Minutes Cash Boost
302,000x1,300 Dice

How to get points

You must land on the Shutdown and Bank Heist tiles to get points in for the Independence Stars tournament. For Shutdown, tycoons will receive +2 points for a ‘Blocked’ attempt and +4 points for a ‘Success!’

Similarly, for Bank Heist, tycoons will get +4 points for a ‘Small’ heist, +6 points for a ‘Large’ heist, and +8 points for a ‘Bankrupt!’ heist. And that’s not all! You have the option to boost your points using the dice multiplier.

Earning points in Independence Stars

If you’re running low on dice, then daily dice links and different ways to earn dice guides will be a game changer.