How to play Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures: Schedule & all rewards

Aakash Regmi
someone digging treasures in Monopoly Go

Treasures Event is now back in Monopoly Go, so that means you’ll have to collect as many pickaxes as you can, only to recklessly chip them away in the hope of finding treasure. Here’s what all the digging will reward you this time, including the full schedule.

No matter how much dig, though, you’re not finding Wild Stickers in there like last time, as the new album is only less than a month old – not ancient to be called “treasure.” You’ll still find 1000s of dice, and a 5-star Magenta Sticker Pack at the end of Sunset Treasures.

It more or less plays the same as it did the last time it was featured in Monopoly Go. To make sure you dig it right this time, consider following our tips below, and check out all the rewards. 

Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures dig event schedule 

Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures went live on July 4, 2024, and will run until July 8 at 2:59 PM CDT / 3:59 PM EDT / 12:59 PM PDT / 8:59 PM BST. This means you’ll have four days to dig all the treasures and get all the rewards, which include dice rolls, Sticker Packs, and whatnot. 

How to play Sunset Treasures

In Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures, you’ll see a series of different grids that hide many treasures. Your objective is to dig them out by hitting on the tiles using your pickaxe. A single stroke will break a tile, which will consume the pickaxes in return.

Monopoly Go treasure event gameplay
Don’t worry, the game will guide you through for the first time.

The artifacts you need to find will have their silhouette shown on top of the grid. Similar to any other event, there will be a progress bar right at the top that’ll fill as you collect more of these artifacts. Once you’ve collected enough, you’ll hit a milestone and get rewards for reaching it. 

There will be several grids, and once you’ve completed one, you’ll move on to the next. 

All Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures milestones & rewards

Here are all the levels for the Sunset Treasures event in Monopoly Go and what they reward:

Level Rewards
1x50 Dice
3x100 Dice
4Yellow Sticker Pack, x 5 Pickaxe tokens, Cash
5x150 Dice
6x200 Dice
7Pink Sticker Pack
8x175 Dice
9x200 Dice
10Scarab Sentinel Shield skin
11x600 Dice
12x10 Pickaxe, Cash
13x400 Dice
14Pink Sticker Pack, Cash
15x200 Dice
16Blue Sticker Pack, 15 Pickaxe, Cash
17Pharaoh Scottie board piece token
18x500 Dice
20x2,500 Dice, Magenta Sticker Pack, Cash

So, in total, you’ll get 5,075 dice, a Board token, a Shield skin, and a 5-star Magenta Pack in addition to Cash. It is also shorter than the previous one, which had 25 levels. 

Tips for Sunset Treasures dig event in Monopoly Go 

There isn’t a particular winning strategy for Sunset Treasures, your best bet is to approximate where the pieces might be based on their shapes. 

Say if any artifact is three tiles long and the grid is six tiles long, just hit in the middle, and if it does not appear, that means there is no chance for the artifact to appear in the same row or column. Of course, this is a made-up scenario and may not happen, but you get the gist.

The strategy does benefit more when you’ve already done half of the grid and can easily rule out places where the remaining artifacts won’t be. 

How to get pickaxes in Monopoly Go

You get pickaxes in Monopoly Go through Events, Tournaments, Quick Wins, and Free Gifts. Unlike Partner Tokens, they’re not scattered around the board for you to collect. Likewise, any leftover ones will be converted to dice after the end of the event.

The Firework Fortunes solo event that started with the Treasures Event has 163 pickaxes up for grabs. More events and leaderboard challenges will reward them, so stay up-to-date on that with our daily events page. If you’re short on dice for it, why not check out daily dice links.

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