Monopoly Go Firework Fortunes rewards

Aakash Regmi
Old Man and his dog looking at 4th July FIreworks in Monopoly Go

Firework Fortunes is a brand-new solo event in Monopoly Go. It’ll run in tandem with the Treasures Event, which means rewards here will include tons of pickaxes. 

It is the fourth of July, and Scopely’s dice roller won’t miss on the fireworks. Themed after the day,  Firework Fortunes will be a two-day solo event, and with no pickaxes scattered around the board to collect, it’ll be worth tuning in for the returning Sunset Treasures Dig.

You wouldn’t want to miss it, so here are all Monopoly Go’s Firework Fortunes event milestones and rewards, as well as the full schedule.

All Monopoly Go Firework Fortunes rewards

Here are all the Firework Fortunes milestones and the rewards you fetch when you reach them:

15x3 Pickaxe
210x30 Dice
445x5 Pickaxe
520Green Sticker Pack
625x50 Dice
735x4 Pickaxe
8145x220 Dice
935x4 Pickaxe
1040Yellow Sticker Pack
1145x5 Pickaxe
12350x400 Dice
1345Mega Bank Heist for 25 minutes
1460x7 Pickaxe
15300Yellow Sticker Pack
16500x500 Dice
1770x8 Pickaxe
1885Pink Sticker Pack
19100x10 Pickaxe
201,100x1,000 Dice
21130x12 Pickaxe
23150Pink Sticker Pack
24350x500 Dice
25220x15 Pickaxe
26280Blue Sticker Pack
271,600x1,500 Dice
28380x18 Pickaxe
29450Blue Sticker Pack
30650x700 Dice
31750x22 Pickaxe
321,900x1,800 Dice
331,300Magenta Sticker Pack
34650x20 Pickaxe
362,700x2,100 Dice
371,100Blue Sticker Pack
381,200x30 Pickaxe
403,500x2,800 Dice
411,300Cash Boost for 10 minutes
421,750Blue Sticker Pack
436,000x6,500 Dice

In total, there are 18,100 Dice and the rest of the rewards are the same as the recent All You Can Win solo event.

There are a total of 163 pickaxes there as well, and that’ll provide you with the much-needed boost for the Treasures event. Similar to Peg-E, there are no pickaxes around the board, which means all of these will be super valuable.

Old man thumbs up with doggie besides in monopoly go
Any extra pickaxes will be converted to dice rolls, so don’t worry if get any spares from the event.

Tips for Firework Fortunes challenge

You earn points in Monopoly Go Firework Fortunes by picking up the event-specific Tokens that are scattered around the board. It is both welcoming and easier to plan around. 

We recommend first scouring the board and seeing where these Tokens are crowded. There will be a side where they will be placed more than others. While you’re away from that place, lower your dice multiplier, and as you approach near crank the multiplier up. 

This way, if you miss one, there is a chance you may land on another, and you’ll also save your dice when you roll in places that have fewer chances to reward them. 

Monopoly Go Firework Fortunes solo event dates

Firework Fortunes in Monopoly Go will go live on July 4, 2024, and will be available until July 6. Here are the exact times: 

  • Start time: July 4 at 8 AM CDT / 9 AM EDT / 6 AM PDT / 2 PM BST
  • End time: July 6 at 9:58 AM CDT / 10:58 AM EDT / 7:58 AM PDT / 3:58 PM BST

It is starting with the Treasures Event, and you’ll have 48 hours to see through its 43 milestones. You may also want to roll when better special events are featured, so check out our daily schedule guide to see what’s running every day. 

Of course, as with any other challenge, you’ll need tons of dice. Checking the daily dice links and all the many ways to get them will no doubt come in handy.