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Everything coming in Minecraft Wild update 1.19: Mobs, new boss & biomes

Published: 6/Jun/2022 23:03 Updated: 7/Jun/2022 16:48

by Josh Tyler


The Minecraft Wild Update 1.19 adds new friendly mobs, a new boss, and a new Ancient City to discover. 

The upcoming Wild Update will add a bevy of new content for players to discover. From the new warden to Ancient Cities to the deep dark, there are a ton of new features that will add depth to the near-decade old game in the 1.19 update.

The latest Minecraft trailer asks players “where will you wander” while teasing some of the new, docile mobs that players can interact with. This follows the previous, more sinister, Minecraft trailer which teased the new deep dark realm and hostile mobs that can threaten players.


But with so much new content coming to Minecraft as well as all the changes during the pre-release snapshots, it can be overwhelming to know exactly is going to be in the 1.19 update. Here is all the new content coming to Minecraft with the new Wild Update.

When does Minecraft’s Wild update come out?

Minecraft’s Wild Update will release on June 7, 2022 at 7 AM PT.

The 1.19 update will be available on both Java and Bedrock.

Minecraft Wild Update: What to expect

Minecraft’s New warden Boss

If Minecraft gets boring after defeating the end dragon, the new warden boss is sure to give players a new challenge. Spawning in the brand new deep dark biome, wardens are extremely strong and difficult to kill. 


The warden emerges from the grounds when Sculk Shriekers detect a nearby player’s movement, attacking the area when the vibrations of a moving enemy were detected. Although the warden is blind, it is still not an enemy to be trifled with.

If the warden is able to find the player, it can do 32 points of damage in a single hit, which can take a player in full Netherite armor to near-death in one shot. The warden also has over 500 points of health, meaning it will be extremely difficult to kill. As a result, players are advised to avoid the warden, rather than fighting it.


Minecraft’s deep dark & Ancient City

The warden is the only monster that spawns in the newest biome, the deep dark. This biome is far below the world’s surface, and is among the rarest biomes in Minecraft. However, despite the danger of the warden, the deep dark is still worth discovering.

In the deep dark are ancient cities, a large structure that generates with chests that offer new materials, unique enchantments, and music disc fragments. Even better, the chests in the ancient cities contain loot that cannot be found anywhere else.

Mangrove swamps, frogs, and tadpoles

mangrove swamp in minecraft
Mangrove Swamps are coming in the next Minecraft update.

The other new biome that is being added to Minecraft with the Wild Update is the mangrove swamp. While otherwise essentially the same as regular swamps, the new biome does contain the new mangrove tree, which can yield mangrove logs, leaves, and wood.


Even better, the new mangrove swamp also contains two of the newest mobs: frogs and tadpoles. Tadpoles will, of course, grow up into frogs, but frogs are themselves useful because of their ability to convert slime into slimeballs and magma cubes into froglights.

The Allay comes to Minecraft

The allay was voted to become the newest addition to Minecraft during the Minecraft Live 2021 event. Though it does bear a striking resemblance to the annoying vexes, the allay is perfectly harmless to players.

In fact, if the player hands an allay an item block, the allay will actually assist the player by picking up other blocks of the same kind. This makes it an efficient helper for finding scattered items across the items, although it doesn’t get items that are in chests.


New blocks and items

The two new biomes also contain new materials that can be used in building and exploring. In the mangrove swamps, players can find mud that can be turned into mud bricks and packed mud. Mud can also be created by players using water bottles and dirt.

In the deep dark, players can find echo shards inside of chests, which can used to create a recovery compass, which will point to the location where a player last died. This can be extremely useful to help players navigate their way to lost armor and tools they dropped upon death.