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Genius Minecraft mod makes every mine trip a fight

Published: 23/Feb/2020 13:39

by Connor Bennett


A new Minecraft plugin makes it pretty difficult to actually mine blocks and pick up items as the blocks will turn on players and start fighting for their lives.

With Minecraft being an open sandbox, players have been coming up with their own mod and additions ever since they could get their hands on the game. These mods can range from brand new pets, instantly spawning buildings, and even setting up a business-like economy in the game.

Basically, if you can come up with an idea and find a way to make Minecraft work around it, you’re going to have a pretty workable mod on your hands. Sometimes, these mods even make their way into the official release of the game – with a few professional tweaks, of course. Yet, it would be pretty unlikely to see these new fighting blocks be released to everyone. 

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time.

The fighting blocks idea comes from Redditor Gobli989 who revealed that they had made the plugin. Quite simply, when you decide to break a block you won’t get that block in your inventory until you’ve beaten it in a fight.

As Gobli989 showcased with a quick video, they broke open a cheat that full of items and instead of them laying on the ground waiting to be picked up, the materials quickly turned towards the player and started attacking in pretty hilarious fashion. 

They don’t just chase after you as blocks without anything equipped, though, as some of the items seen in the quick video had shovels and torches floating next to them – almost as if they were being carried.

I made a little Plugin where if a block is broken then it will attack you. from Minecraft

Now it is a pretty funny mod but imagine if, instead of trying to break a block of mud, you take down a chest that is full of enchanted diamond swords. You might not last too long trying to fight them off. 

As of now, the Redditor hasn’t made the mode available anywhere just yet but if there’s a bit of interest in it then, just maybe, we’ll all be fighting off dangerous blocks in the near future.


How to make concrete in Minecraft – Recipe guide

Published: 15/Jan/2021 14:39 Updated: 15/Jan/2021 14:40

by James Busby


Particular blocks in Minecraft can make your next big project truly shine. If you’re wondering how to make concrete in Minecraft, or more generally about its recipe, we’ve got you covered. 

Unlike most blocks in the game, Minecraft’s concrete features a whopping 16 dye color options. As long as you have the required dyes, you’ll be able to customize your buildings with any color you want. Not only does concrete give the player numerous color customization options, it is also fairly durable. 

While it won’t beat the toughness of any brick-made structures, it is a decent step up from stone blocks. Whether you’re looking to add a little color to your next building project or just want something easy to build, then Minecraft concrete will do just that.

How to make concrete powder in Minecraft

Minecraft concrete
Mojang / MCBasic
Creating concrete powder is a simple process in Minecraft.

In order to make concrete in Minecraft, you’ll first need to obtain the appropriate materials.

Minecraft concrete recipe

Fortunately, these are incredibly easy to acquire and can be found at the start of every new world. Here’s what you need:

  • Four pieces of sand.
  • Four pieces of gravel.
  • One dye.

Once you’ve gathered those materials, place them in the order shown in the picture above. If done correctly, you should now have eight pieces of concrete powder in your inventory. 

How to make concrete in Minecraft

White concrete Minecraft
Mojang / MCBasic
You’ll need to find some water to make concrete.

As soon as you’ve acquired some concrete powder, it’s time to turn it into concrete. To do this, simply find a natural body of water on the map and submerge the blocks. 

It’s important to note that water can not be sourced from rain, bottles, or cauldrons. In fact, water taken from these sources will have no effect on concrete powder. As a result, it’s often best to find a nearby river or ocean you can place the blocks into. 

Now that you know how to make concrete powder and concrete in Minecraft, you’ll be able to add even more color to your next big build. Make sure you follow us here on Dexerto for more Minecraft news and updates.