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Minecraft speedrunner hilariously trolled with worst spawn ever

Published: 18/Oct/2021 13:57

by Sam Comrie


Minecraft speedrunners have always looked to one-up each other in insane ways but for Twitch streamer thatnerdTy using pure speed isn’t enough to overcome the game’s hilarious randomness.

The phenomenon of speedrunning never ceases to impress. Whether it is using outside features to help get through the game with ease or using no help at all, there have been some seriously amazing feats over the years.

Some speedrunners opt to use different world seeds when they start their attempt in the hopes that they’ll be able to shave a few seconds off their time. Though, more often than not, they’re pretty random.


In the case of Minecraft streamer thatnerdTy, he encountered possibly the worst random starting point ever as the game appeared to be mocking him.

A screenshot of the new Wild Update in Minecraft
Minecraft is set to receive The Wild update.

Taking the “literal L”

Upon spawning into the game, thatnerdTy took a quick glance around at his surrounding but he appeared to be getting a message from the game itself on how well his run would go.

“Dude! It literally gave me an L,” the streamer blurted out in surprise. “Are you f**king serious dude?” he continued as he inspected the spawn location.

“I hate this game,” added thatnerdTy as he burst into uncontrollable laughter. Quitting the lobby and heading back to the main menu, seemingly about to shut the game down, the streamer said “F**cking stupid run.”



His chat couldn’t help but fall about themselves laughing at his misfortune, with the hilarious lowlight picking up a few thousand views even days after it had happened.

Minecraft is set to receive a batch of fresh content as The Wild update hits the game in 2022, bringing new environmental elements, items, and even some more animals such as frogs (which will start as tadpoles). The update is sure to be a hit when it eventually drops and could change the speedrunning scene for good.