Who is Dream? Everything to know about the Minecraft YouTuber

Dream poses for an Instagram pictureInstagram: dreamwastaken

Despite never showing his face, Dream is one of the most popular creators in the Minecraft community, well-known for his speed runs and the wildly popular Dream SMP server. Here’s everything you need to know about the YouTube star.

Dream has over 28 million subscribers on his YouTube channel where he makes content about everything relating to Minecraft. Over the past couple of years he’s shot up in popularity, and has amassed a huge and loyal fan base despite being plunged into several controversies.

As he continues to maintain his faceless persona, using instead his iconic stick figure avatar, people are becoming increasingly curious about the star, and he’s gaining more fans on a daily basis.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Dream.

Dream avatar on a green backgroundYouTube: Dream
Dream has over 25 million subscribers on YouTube.

How old is Dream?

Dream was born on August 12, 1999, making him 22-years-old.

What is Dream’s real name?

His real name is widely believed to be ‘Clay’ after fellow YouTuber Karl Jacobs revealed that the star was saved as ‘Clay Dream’ in his phone, leading to the phrase trending on Twitter.

How much money does Dream make?

As with any public figure, it’s impossible to know exactly how much money they earn, however, websites such as Nailbuzz and Looper estimate Dream’s net worth to be anywhere from $3 million to $10 million.

What is the Dream SMP server?

Dream SMP is the name for a Minecraft survival multiplayer server started by Dream that features some of the biggest creators in the community for the game.

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The server is strongly centered around roleplay and has developed a rather detailed plot that involves things like wars, eras, and a range of characters.

Minecraft promo image next to Dream logoMinecraft.net, Mojang, Microsoft Studios / dreambranding.com
The Dream SMP is full of many hugely popular streamers and YouTubers.

Does Dream have merch?

Yes, Dream does have merch. It is sold on a dedicated website, and the lines feature anything from hoodies and t-shirts to lanyards and coins.

The majority of the products feature Dream’s iconic smiley face avatar, though there is a wider range of color options available than just the classic green.

They also sometimes release seasonal lines, such as for Halloween or Valentine’s Day, so it’s worth keeping an eye on his Twitter account and website for updates on the latest drops.

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How tall is Dream?

Dream has previously described himself as being 6’2″ (about 189 cm.)

Does Dream make music?

The YouTuber has released three songs: ‘Roadtrip’ (with PmBata,) ‘Mask,’ and ‘Change My Clothes’ (with Alec Benjamin.)

Currently, his most viewed songs on YouTube are ‘Roadtrip’ and ‘Mask’, which are both tied first place at 27 million views.

Has Dream done a face reveal?

Dream currently has yet to reveal his face. For his entire YouTube career he has remained ‘faceless,’ though over the past year or so he has ‘revealed’ parts of his body like his neck and his hair.


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However, in a June 2021 interview with Anthony Padilla, he did explain that he plans on doing a full face reveal at some point as he wants to move away from being a faceless content creator. He hasn’t yet revealed a specific time period for when he plans to do so, however.

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As Dream continues to gain more followers by the day, many fans continue to wonder when they’ll get to see what the masked YouTuber really looks like.