Minecraft Skyblock servers explained: how to join the best/most popular

Nick Farrell
MC Skyblock

Skyblock servers are just one of the countless ways players can play mini-games in Minecraft – but there are certain specific servers that you should be playing on to get the best experience!

Player versus player, or PVP, offers some of the most intense action that Minecraft has to offer. Players worldwide create servers and mini-games for other players to check out and prove their worth within the arena.

Skyblock has emerged as one of the more prominent game modes, as it offers some quick, yet intense action. However, if you aren’t in the loop about what these servers actually are, have no fear, as we are going to run through all the details about them.

Minecraft servers
What are some of your favorite servers within Minecraft?

What are Skyblock servers?

Skyblock is a mini-game that players have leaned towards when joining a Minecraft PVP server. In short, the game mode pits multiple players in a mini-battle royale mode, set on a floating island.

Similar to other battle royales, the primary goal is to be the last player standing. However, there is quite a lot to take into consideration during one of these matches: Players will need to fortify their base, build up resources, and craft weapons to take into battle.

That’s a lot to do in a short period of time, and you are essentially racing against other players to see who can bolster the best base and materials.

How do I join a Minecraft server?

If Skyblock sounds interesting to you and you are looking to join one of these servers, the process in doing so is quite simple.

Time is of the essence in Skyblock

Here are the steps to properly join any Minecraft server.

  • Load up Minecraft and select Multiplayer
  • At the bottom right of your screen, push a button titled ‘Add Server’
  • Enter in the Server IP
  • Once you have entered in the Server IP, you should be able to select the Server you want
  • Press Join Server

There are countless amounts of player-created servers within Minecraft, but there are some that stand out among the rest.

Best Skyblock servers

Now that you know how to join a server, we are going to run over some of the best Skyblock servers and why they are amazing in their own rights.

Be sure to let us know which Skyblock servers you have been falling in love with, and if there are any we missed!


Manacube often has over 1000 player’s online
  • Server IP: hub.manacube.com

One of the most popular places to play Skyblock on, ManaCube is one of the longest-lasting servers within the Minecraft PVP community.


  • Server IP:  mc.mineville.net

Mineville has always been at the top of PVP Minecraft servers, and this is due to its ample amount of mini-games. Skyblock is the featured game mode in Mineville, and it will take no time to hop right into a game.

Purple Poison

Purple Poison MC Server
As you may have guessed, this server is filled with purple sky’s
  • Server IP: we.purpleprison.org

Another heavy hitter joins our list in the beautifully designed server Purple Poison. This server is great, since if you’re not in the mood to play Skyblock, it offers a flurry of game modes to try.

Complex Gaming

  • Server IP: hub.mc-complex.com

Last but not least is the Complex Gaming Minecraft server, which bolsters a steady player base. Pixelmon and Skyblock are among the best games to check out in this server!

No matter if you are in the mood for Skyblock or something else, these four servers have it all for PVP action, and you should definitely check them out when you can.

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