Minecraft Anarchy servers explained: How to join the best & most popular servers

Nick Farrell
Anarchy Servers guide

If you are looking to cause mayhem while playing Minecraft, Anarchy servers are the place to be. But, only the best servers will give you the satisfaction you are looking for at the end of the day. 

Minecraft is filled with countless servers that players have created for others to check out. These servers range in complexity and they all have their own unique rules to go along with them.

We have seen some stellar servers in the past, Skyblock and RP are among some of the best ones to check out from time to time. But, if you are simply looking to have a blast and not worry about tight-knit rules, then Anarchy servers are for you.

Here are all the best Anarchy servers you should check out!

minecraft anarchy servers
Minecraft is filled with endless fun!

What are Anarchy servers?

Similar to other mini-games within Minecraft, the Anarchy game mode offers some amazing fun if you are looking to let loose a little bit. Contrasting other Minecraft servers, Anarchy ones differ as there are very few rules if any to follow.

The whole objective behind these servers is that you can do whatever you want. Whether that be sabotaging another player, or stealing all of their resources, there is an endless amount of possibilities within these servers.

While playing one of these servers, the game mode will be structured similarly to the base game of Minecraft. Gather resources, craft weapons and make a home base is how you are going to thrive. But, you have to be careful of other players.

How do I join a Minecraft server?

If Anarchy servers look like something you would like to try, you are first going to need to know how to join a Minecraft server.

mc guide
Creepers are not the only thing you have to be careful of

Below is a quick rundown of how to join any Minecraft server.

  1. Load up Minecraft and select Multiplayer
  2. At the bottom right of your screen, push a button titled ‘Add Server’
  3. Enter in the Server IP
  4. Once you have entered in the Server IP, you should be able to select the Server you want
  5. Press Join Server

Best Anarchy servers

Now that you have the basic understanding of how to join any Minecraft server, it is about time we jump into the best servers you should consider checking out within Minecraft.

All of these servers offer some sort of Anarchy game mode, and they also bolster a stable player base during most hours of the day.



  • Server IP: play.minewind.net

Starting our list is currently one of the longest-lasting Anarchy servers within the world. Minewind features no admins or mods to interfere with your gameplay, and they are always adding new content for players to check out.

Mineland Network

mineland network

  • Server IP: come.join-ml.com

Mineland is full of game modes, and their Anarchy game mode is one of the shining stars within this server. Mineland also features a stable player base, with it being one of the most played servers throughout time.


Mineville server

  • Server IP: mc.mineville.net

Mineville has always been at the top of PVP Minecraft servers, and this is due to its ample amount of mini-games. While Anarchy is not usually one of the featured game modes, there is still plenty of competition to be found within.

Bionic PVP Network

Bionic PVP Network

  • Server IP: buy.bionicpvp.net

Featuring only PVP modes, Bionic has a featured game mode of randomizer Anarchy. Never knowing where you are going to spawn, along with the resources you will have access too, make this server one of the best.

The Mining Dead

mining dead

  • Server IP: us.miningdead.com

While The Mining Dead may be classified as an RP server most of the time. There is a lot of chaos to be found within this server, and it should be one you consider checking out.

Anarchy servers are a lot of fun, and the above ones are just some of the ways you can have a blast in Minecraft, while not worrying about the effects of your actions.

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