Post Malone is a hardcore Marvel Snap player as recent tattoo session shocks fans

Jake Nichols
Post Malone plays Marvel SnapYT: Full Send Podcast / Reddit: Big-Brother

Post Malone’s latest tattoo session took an unexpected turn, revealing his dedication to the fast-paced card game Marvel Snap.

An image has recently surfaced showing Post Malone – renowned rapper, singer, and songwriter – engrossed in a round of Marvel Snap, even while getting a new tattoo.

Marvel Snap, developed by Second Dinner, is a breakthrough digital collectible card game where players construct 12-card decks and vie for dominance across three unique locations. Winning requires strategic thinking, understanding of each card’s energy cost and power level, and adaptability to location-specific effects.

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The image of Post Malone getting inked also revealed a glimpse into his Marvel Snap prowess. Observant fans have noticed that his game collection includes some card art variants, a sign that he’s not just a casual player but a committed enthusiast who’s unlocked a significant number of cards.

Before this revelation, fans were well aware of Post Malone’s love for gaming, particularly card games. As a noted Magic: The Gathering player, Post Malone has frequently engaged in collaborations with Wizards of the Coast and Magic Streaming channels.

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His Magic: The Gathering exploits have even led to memorable moments, like his inclusion in the Game Knights series or the time he shelled out a whopping $800k for a Black Lotus card signed by Christopher Rush. His passion for the game also took a competitive turn when he hosted a high-stakes Magic: The Gathering game, putting up $100,000 for the victor in 2022.

But Post Malone’s interest isn’t just limited to card games. He’s well known for his love for video games and has been spotted playing shooters like Apex Legends alongside aceu and xQc.

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Even beyond his own playing, Post Malone has expressed his appreciation for video game soundtracks and their contribution to the gaming experience.

With the recent revelation of his dedication to Marvel Snap, fans are once again reminded that Post Malone is as much a gamer as he is a performer.

Here’s to hoping for a future $100K Marvel Snap challenge from the artist himself.

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