Post Malone reveals his favorite video game soundtracks that still give him “chills”

Dave Deiley

Austin ‘Post Malone’ Post has never shied away from discussing his deep love for gaming. On Hot Ones, the musician dived deep into nostalgic soundtracks that still hit him on an emotional level. 

Post Malone is a bonafide rockstar, long gone are the days of him busking in the background on other people’s Twitch streams. Now he boasts billions of plays on Spotify and 22.2 million followers on Instagram.

The ‘Sunflower’ singer put himself through the spice gauntlet on YouTube interview show ‘Hot Ones’. Combining extreme heat with detailed research, Post was confronted with an image of himself in a hilariously ridiculous gaming setup.

Following up the blast from the past, host Sean Evans hit Posty with the question “How important is music to the gaming experience?”

Post Malone has long had his roots in the gaming world. With this image making meme magic since at least 2019.

Living up to the title ‘video game junky’, Mr. Malone lit up with glee as he discussed the impact music in-game has had on him.  Talking about his experience playing Elden Ring, Post said he had to turn the music “all the way off.”

Clarifying the “insane” soundtrack of ER, he continued “it’s literally choirs, not of Angels. Of Demons,” before finishing by saying: “After a fight, I’m shaking.”

Doubling down on his love for the tunes within the video game industry, the Grammy award winner declared that much of the best music in the world stems from the gaming sphere.

Rattling off a strong list of games with undeniable soundtracks, the 26-year-old talked about how the theme song from Skyrim “gave [him] chills” before going on to describe the soundtracks of the Zelda and Elder Scroll franchises.

(Topic starts at 9:37)

Talking to the ubiquity of music in its ability to transcend borders, Malone stated: “There’s not a person in the world that doesn’t know the Mario song.”

Finishing up his answer to the importance of music in gaming, Post stated: “they’re timeless pieces that are super nostalgic.”

Closing out this section of the interview, Malone had a simple enough reason for the night vision goggles that sparked the conversation.

“I had to get my kill/death ratio up.”

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