Post Malone 1v1s aceu in Apex Legends and is left speechless: “I can’t hit him”

Alex Garton
Aceu Post Malone Apex Legends

Post Malone and Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn decided to 1v1 in Apex Legends during their joint stream, and it’s safe to say the world-famous rapper was impressed with the streamer’s mechanics.

It’s well known that Post Malone is a massive fan of Apex Legends and certainly isn’t afraid to open his wallet when it comes to cosmetics, showcasing a total of 190,000 Apex Coins and an unbelievable 430,000 Crafting Metals back in February on stream.

Of course, the rapper isn’t just a skin collector, he’s demonstrated a lot of skill in-game and has even been grouping up with a few popular Apex streamers.

One of them is aceu, who streamed with Post on the first day of his charity event week on July 18.

As well as taking on the competition in BR, the pair also decided to 1v1 in the Firing Range, and it’s clear Post was impressed by aceu’s mechanics.

Post Malone Apex Legends
Post Malone has streamed with both iiTzTimmy and aceu.

Post Malone stunned by aceu’s movement mechanics

During Post Malone’s July 19 stream with aceu, the pair decided to put their skills to the test and 1v1 in the Firing Range.

Equipped with a Peacekeeper and Wingman, aceu easily executed Post in the first round, landing nearly every single shot.

In the second battle, Post put up more of a fight and got off to a great start, taking aceu down to low health. Unfortunately, aceu’s strafing and mechanics allowed him to dodge nearly all of the rapper’s bullets.

Stunned by aceu’s movement, Post started to panic, and in the end, aceu managed to take home the victory: “I can’t hit him, he’s so fast”.

It’s no surprise that Post was beaten by aceu given how talented the streamer is at Apex, but it was still great to see both of them take on the challenge.

After having such a great start to the second 1v1, it’s definitely possible for Post to take a round of aceu, so hopefully the pair battle against each other again in a future stream