Best Kitty Pryde decks in Marvel Snap: Devil Dinosaur, Sera combo, more

Josh Tyler
Marvel Snap Kitty Pryde

Here are some of the best decks that the newest Marvel Snap card, Kitty Pryde, can fit into.

The big patch update for May 2023 reintroduced Kitty Pryde to Marvel Snap, but this time in a way that made her actually balanced.

Kitty Pryde is an incredibly flexible card, who can fit into many decks with ease, but there are several new decks that are built around this card. Let’s take a look at Kitty Pryde and her best decks.

Kitty Pryde card ability in Marvel Snap

This is a 1-cost, 0-power card that gains +2 power whenever it returns to the player’s hand. The card will return to the player’s hand at the start of each turn, meaning it will basically gain two power every time you play it unless it’s destroyed or the location gets locked down.

As a result, it’s to your benefit to pair Kitty Pryde with cards that will protect her from getting stuck or destroyed.

Kitty Pryde bounce deck

First up we have a “bounce” deck, designed to not only get Kitty back into your hand as many times as possible, but also to use her to buff up other low-cost cards.

Kitty Pryde Bounce

Synergizing Kitty with cards like Angela, Hit-Monkey, and Bishop allows her to buff not only her own power, but also theirs. The deck also comes full of options to let Kitty shine.

Just like in most of her decks, the priority should be to play Kitty early and often, playing her wherever possible to boost her power. And make sure that you also play her on the same turn as Bast, so that you don’t accidentally reduce her cost back to 3.

Kitty Pryde Sera deck

The second deck combines Kitty Pride’s ability with a typical Sera control deck, allowing you to block off and gum up certain locations.

Kitty Pryde Sera

If you’re able to play Sera on your last turn, you’ll also be able to play several cards along with Kitty, which makes it harder for the opponent to know where to allocate their big cards.

Once again, use her in conjunction with Bishop and Angela, but in this deck make sure you do not play her on the same turn you play Killmonger… unless you play him first.

Kitty Pryde control deck

The other decks relied on Kitty interacting with stacking cards like Angela or Bishop, but this control deck is all about countering your opponent.

Kitty Pryde Control

Use cards like Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Enchantress, and Polaris to manipulate where your opponent can play their cards, then use Shang-Chi and Gamora to secure the win.

As for Kitty, just play her whenever and wherever you can, prioritizing getting two locations locked so you know where to play Kitty and Gamora on turn six.

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