Best Marvel Snap decks for Pool 1, Pool 2 & Pool 3

Lawrence Scotti
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Best Marvel Snap decks include a variation of decks for Pool 1, Pool 2, and Pool 3 of cards in the new fast-action digital card game. Here are the best decks for each Pool.

Marvel Snap launched to the public in October 2022, exploding onto the digital card scene and a breath of fresh air for fans of the genre looking for a new game to sink their teeth into.

Although the game is still technically in early access, card game players from around the world have already developed an intricate meta using the game’s over 200 cards from the three different pools that are available through ranking up your Collection level.

Pool 1 is the easiest of the cards to collect, and is obtainable through Collection levels 18 – 214. Pool 2 is where cards start to become more dynamic and complex and are obtainable from levels 222 – 474. Pool 3 is by far the hardest group of cards to obtain, and is acquired through Collection levels 486 and up.

Here are all the becks decks for each of the Pools currently available.


Marvel Snap: Pool 1 best decks

The best decks in Pool 1 are simple to pull off, yet highly effective at building power across all the locations. They’re great for players who are new to Marvel Snap and don’t have a lot of cards.

Pool 1 Ongoing deck

Ongoing is one of the more popular card types in Marvel Snap, and it means the ability is active at all times while on a Location.

marvel snap ongoing pool 1 deck
Pool 1 Ongoing deck in Marvel Snap.

The Pool 1 Ongoing deck that’s most effective utilizes Mister Fantastic as an anchor in the middle location as he grants adjacent locations +2 power.

Namor is a great card to play at his own location as he gets +5 when he’s the lone card at a location. Look to synergize playing Klaw to the left of the location Namor is at to give the right location a +6 power boost.

Pool 1 Kazoo deck

The Pool 1 Kazoo deck looked to flood the board with cheap 1-cost cards, and empower them with bigger cards towards the last few turns.

marvel snap kazoo deck
Pool 1 Kazoo deck in Marvel Snap.

Look to hold on to Elektra to snipe an opponent’s 1-power card in the mid-game, rather than playing it outright without getting proper value.

Outside of her, don’t look to hold on to any other cards for too long, because by turns 4 and 5, you’ll want to be playing Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel to grant extra power to your board.

Pool 1 Discard deck

Pool 1 Discard deck centers around discarding cards for your hand in order to power up your Apocalypse as much as possible, as well as get your Wolverine into play.

marvel snap deck

Each time Apocalypse is discarded, he gains +4 power and is returned to your hand. Lady Sif synergizes perfectly with him, as she discards the highest-cost card in your hand.

When Wolverine is discarded or destroyed, he gets played at a random location on the board. This deck is not for the faint of heart, and you’ll have to pray to the RNG Gods in order to get lucky and discard specific cards in your hand to get the outcome you desire. If played right, this deck is difficult to beat.

Marvel Snap: Pool 2 best decks

Once you’ve sunk some serious hours into Marvel Snap, you’ll hit a high enough collection level to start obtaining Pool 2 cards. Here are the best decks.

Pool 2 Swarm Discard deck

Pool 2’s Discard deck is entirely revolved around discarding Swarm, who returns two zero-cost copies of himself to your hand when discarded.

marvel snap discard pool 2
Pool 2 Discard Swarm deck in Marvel Snap.

In order to get the most value out of this deck, make sure to get Angela and Bishop out onto locations as soon as possible, so that when you do eventually discard Swarm, you’ll be able to flood the board with cards and boost up those cards to insanely high power values.

Pool 2 Movement deck

Pool 2’s Movement deck is one of the most popular and effective decks in Marvel Snap right now.

marvel snap deckPool 2 Movement deck in Marvel Snap.

The deck plays around playing Iron Fist on turn one, then playing Multiple Man on turn two, who will leave behind a copy of himself at the previous location.

Vulture is an absurdly powerful card as he gains +5 power each time he moves. Look to move him around different locations as much as possible to beef up his power.

And, while Vision is a fun card to mess around with, he can be replaced in this deck with Miles Morales, who gets his cost reduced to 1 when a card moved the previous turn.

Pool 2 Sandman Kazoo deck

Sandman changes the game for what’s possible with Kazoo decks.

The Pool 2 deck follows the principles of the deck with the same name in Pool 1, however, Sandman and Ebony Maw turn the deck into a beast.

marvel snap deck

Sandman limits the number of cards that can be played to just one for each player.

That means that you want to spill your hand onto locations on the board before slapping him down, then play Blue Marvel and Spectrum after so your opponent can’t match the value. Ebony Maw cannot be played after turn three, so make sure you play him early in the match.

Marvel Snap: Pool 3 best decks

Pool 3 cards are extremely hard to come by, as they require you to grand the game for a serious amount of time before unlocking them. If you have dedicated that amount of time and have unlocked these cards, here are the best decks in the current meta.

Pool 3 Junk deck

The Pool 3 Junk deck is one of the most fun decks in the game for the sole reason that messing with your opponent’s cards’ power values and their hand is always a treat.

marvel snap deck
Pool 3 Junk deck in Marvel Snap.

This deck revolves around powering up Angela with some fun cards like Black Widow and Green Goblin. Green Goblin specifically is powerful as playing it puts him on the opponent’s side of the location and still grants Angela’s +2 power. It also opens up a spot on your side of the location, allowing you to power her up further.

The Hood and Viper synergize nicely as well, as you can play Hood and then Viper on turn two, shoving the negative card to your opponent’s side.

Pool 3 Mega-Discard deck

Pool 3 cards give you access to the most powerful discard deck in the game.

marvel snap deck
Pool 3’s Mega-Discard deck in MArvel Snap.

Colleen Wing is an incredibly valuable card as it allows you to discard the lowest-cost card in your hand. This creates scenarios that allow you to discard Swarm at ease.

Darcula is also a unique card in that it discards a card from your hand at the end of the game and gains its power. This works perfectly with America Chavez, who is always added to your hand on turn six and has 9 power.

Pool 3 Nick Fury deck

Pool 3’s Nick Fury deck is very powerful and has some fun location manipulation to boot.

marvel snap nick fury

Storm and Professor X help you lock down locations so that your opponent is forced to play cards at the locations you dictate.

Nick Fury adds 3 random 6-cost cards to your hand, creating some crazy scenarios.

As Marvel Snap’s meta continues to play out, we will update this article accordingly.