Best cards in Marvel Snap Pool 3: Sera, Wong, Lockjaw, Death, and more

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Best cards in Marvel Snap Pool 3 include a handful of some of the most meta-defining cards in the game like Wong, Lockjaw, Sera, and more. Here are all of the best Pool 3 cards to use.

Marvel Snap has taken over the Collectible Card Game genre overnight, bringing in both Marvel fans and CCG enthusiasts with its fast-action gameplay and plethora of cards.

With so many cards at launch, it may be hard to figure out which archetypes are the best for climbing the ranked ladder. And for those who’ve reached the high enough Collection level to unlock Pool 3 cards, mixing and matching them can be a headache.

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Here are the best Pool 3 cards in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap: Best cards in Pool 3

Marvel Snap players begin unlocking Pool 3 cards at Collection level 486 and up. These are some of the more technical and powerful cards in the game that unlock whole new archetypes of decks.


Sera is one of the most unique 5-drops in the entire game, as she drops the cost of the other cards in your hand by 1 Energy.

Sera in Marvel Snap.

She is often used to play a 6-Energy card the next turn along with a 2-cost, making for a nearly unbeatable final blow on the final turn of a match.


The Sorcerer Supreme is an extremely valuable unlock in Marvel Snap and is a 4-cost card with 2 Power that allows your On Reveal abilities at a location to happen twice.

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wong marvel snapMarvel
Wong in Marvel Snap.

Wong can be played with Jessica Jones on turn 4, then Black Panthers on turn 5 for maximum value. He provides the basis for the entire On Reveal deck archetype for Pool 3 and beyond.


Lockjaw is a 3-drop card with a unique ability that reads: When you play a card here, swap it with a card in your deck.

marvel snap lockjawMarvel
Lockjaw in Marvel Snap.

This card can swap a 1-cost card with potential behemoths like Hulk and The Infinaut, and is best paired with cheap cards that can make it quite easy to get insanely powerful cards on the board free of charge.


Death is a 9-cost card with 12 Power that costs 1 less for each card destroyed throughout the game.

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marvel snap deathMarvel
Death in Marvel Snap.

In order to get her value down, look to play her with a Destroy deck that has cards like Carnage and Venom that destroy other cards, making it easy to get her out on or before turns 4 or 5.


This big-brained individual is a 6-cost card with 4 Power that copies all of your opponent’s cards played that turn on your side of the location.

marvel snap leaderMarvel
Leader in Marvel Snap.

He’s an incredibly high-risk, high-reward card that can swing the tide of any given match.

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