Best Hit-Monkey decks in Marvel Snap

Josh Tyler
Marvel Snap Hit Monkey

Hit-Monkey’s play pattern is unlike just about any other card you will find in Marvel Snap. Here’s how to make the most use of him in your deck.

As part of the Animals Assemble update, Hit-Monkey stood out because of his unique ability, which would drastically change how players would have to think about.

Hit-Monkey is a 2-cost, 0-power card that gains +2 power for every card that is played on that same turn. As a result, this low-cost card actually benefits from being played on turns 5 or 6 more than when it’s drawn on turn 2.

Let’s take a look at the decks that can best use Hit-Monkey’s unique ability.

Best Marvel Snap decks for Hit-Monkey

Marvel Snap Hit Monkey control deck
Marvel Snap Hit-Monkey Control deck.

First up, we have the most common deck for Hit-Monkey, the Control Monkey deck. This deck utilizes some of the most common synergies that Hit-Monkey has, namely with Bast and Mysterio.

Simply make sure that you play Hit-Monkey in the turn after you play Bast (to set the base power of it to 3) and Angela (so that you’re boosting her power, as well).

Marvel Snap Hit Monkey Mister Negative deck
Marvel Snap Hit-Monkey Mister Negative deck.

Second up is the Negative Monkey deck, a variation on one of the existing Mr. Negative decks. By playing Mr. Negative to flip the power and energy levels of all your cards, you’re able to play multiple cards with Hit-Monkey at one time since he, Ironheart, Mystique, and Iron Man will all cost 0 energy.

The final deck is not tailored to Hit-Monkey, but is a simple Bounce deck. Hit-Monkey actually utilizes these very well.

Marvel Snap Hit Monkey Bounce deck
Marvel Snap Hit-Monkey Bounce deck.

Hit-Monkey will actually retain any power added when he is played, even if he is returned to the deck. As a result, in a Bounce deck players will be able to return play Hit-Monkey multiple times to add to his power.

Ideally, you would play Hit-Monkey on turns 3 or 4 and then again on turn 6 after returning Hit-Monkey with a card like Beast.

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