All upcoming Bundles in Marvel Snap: New premium card variants, Tokens, more

Marvel Snap BundlesSecond Dinner / Marvel

Wondering if you should save up for a nearby Bundle in Marvel Snap? We’ve got you covered a with full look ahead at what’s to come in the shop.

When it comes to upgrading your collection in Marvel Snap, players have a few different options. You can play for free and enjoy the rewards as they come, you can buy individual art variants for Gold, or you can save up and invest in a bigger, premium Bundle through the in-game shop.

The latter is clearly the easiest way to fast-track your progress. Especially with the heftier bundles that come packaged with a surplus of Credits and Collector’s Tokens. It obviously comes at a price which, in some cases, can be fairly steep.

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So if you’re holding onto your currency and waiting to splurge on a future Bundle in Marvel Snap, here’s a look ahead so you can add up the costs and figure out the best plan for you.

Upcoming Marvel Snap Bundles: March 2023

Token Tuesday Bundles in March

Throughout the month of March, players can expect to see a new Token bundle in the shop each and every Tuesday without fail. These unique packs come with a range of Collector’s Tokens and Boosters for varying amounts of Gold.

Below is a quick look at what’s on offer in each Token Tuesday this month in Marvel Snap:

Token Tuesday #1Feb 28 – Mar 1450 Gold40015
Token Tuesday #2Mar 7 – Mar 8850 Gold80065
Token Tuesday #3Mar 14 – Mar 15650 Gold60035
Token Tuesday #4Mar 21 – Mar 22450 Gold40015

Daily Bundles available in March

Rounding out the month with a series of daily bundles, we know Marvel Snap is set to conclude March in a big way. Five bundles are set to rotate on a 24-hour cycle with players able to top up on in-game currencies while grabbing randomized Mystery Variants to boot.

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Below is everything on offer in each daily bundle throughout March in Marvel Snap:

March 2023 Daily Bundle #1Mar 27 – Mar 28$4.99625 Credits
March 2023 Daily Bundle #2Mar 28 – Mar 29$9.99150 Credits, 150 Gold, 400 Collector’s Tokens
March 2023 Daily Bundle #3Mar 29 – Mar 30$4.99625 Credits, 65 Boosters
March 2023 Daily Bundle #4Mar 30 – Mar 31$9.99100 Credits, 100 Gold, 400 Collector’s Tokens, Mystery Variant
March 2023 Daily Bundle #5Mar 21 – Apr 1$4.99500 Credits, Mystery Variant

March 1 – March 4: More Magic Bundle

As a unique offering in March, the More Magic Bundle is a cheaper package without a specified variant, coming in at a price of 900 Gold. Instead, those who opt in get a randomized Myster Variant along with a range of Credits, Tokens, and Boosters.

Below is everything included in the More Magic Bundle:

  • Mystery Variant
  • 65 Boosters
  • 700 Collector’s Tokens
  • 300 Credits
Marvel Snap mystery variantSecond Dinner
Mystery Variants give a chance of unlocking new artwork for any card in your collection.

March 1 – March 9: Momoko Magic

The first truly unique bundle available in March is the Momoko Magic pack, one that focuses on Mystique with a stunning Peach Momoko Variant. As always, the $19.99 bundle also comes with a surplus of in-game resources too.

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Below is everything included in the Momoko Magic bundle:

  • Mystique Peach Momoko Variant
  • Mystique Peache Momoko Avatar
  • 155 Mystique Boosters
  • 1,500 Gold
  • 1,500 Credits
Marvel Snap Momoko Magic Mystique variantSecond Dinner / Marvel SnapZone

March 9 – March 16: Rivalry Week

Bishop and Mister Sinister both come into focus with the Rivalry Week bundle in Marvel Snap, as each gets a dazzling new variant. While this is a pricier bundle, coming in at 4,000 Gold, it comes boasting a haul of Boosters, Tokens, and more.

Below is everything included in the Rivarly Week bundle:

  • Bishop Variant
  • Bishop Avatar
  • Mister Sinister Variant
  • Mister Sinister Avatar
  • 155 Bishop Boosters
  • 155 Mister Sinister Boosters
  • 2,000 Credits
  • 1,500 Collector’s Tokens
Marvel Snap Rivalry Week Bishop & Mister Sinister VariantsSecond Dinner / Marvel SnapZone

March 16 – March 20: March 2023 Special Offer

Also up for grabs this month is a unique special offer in Marvel Snap. This particular bundle comes in at 700 Gold and provides a generous serving of Credits, Tokens, and Boosters, along with a randomized Mystery Variant.

Below is everything included in Marvel Snap’s Special Offer bundle for March 2023:

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  • Mystery Variant
  • 65 Boosters
  • 600 Collector’s Tokens
  • 200 Credits

March 16 – March 25: Mutant Masterpiece

Rounding out the month with one of the bigger bundles, Mutant Masterpiece is available for 3,000 Gold, packing three new Variants together under one roof. Sentinel, Forge, and Angel are all in focus for this bundle, with each getting some new artwork along with the usual mix of avatars and boosters.

  • Angel Variant
  • Forge Variant
  • Sentinel Variant
  • Angel Avatar
  • Forge Avatar
  • Sentinel Avatar
  • 155 Angel Boosters
  • 155 Forge Boosters
  • 155 Sentinel Boosters
  • 1,500 Credits
Marvel Snap Mutant Masterpiece bundleSecond Dinner / Marvel SnapZone

Upcoming Marvel Snap Bundles: April 2023

April 1 – April 2: April Fools 2023 bundle

While details remain scarce, it appears Marvel Snap is set to celebrate April Fool’s Day with a limited-time bundle. For the price of 400 Gold, it seems a new Rock Variant is on offer, along with the title: I Got a Rock.

We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled over the coming days for further details.

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That’s all we know about the next big Bundles landing in the Marvel Snap store in the coming weeks but be sure to check back soon as more details spill out online.