MTG Thunder Junction: All Special Guests & where to find them

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MTG Special Guests Thunder Junction

MTG Thunder Junction’s Special Guests include excellent, valuable reprints, and we’ll show you all of them.

MTG’s Outlaws of Thunder Junction is packing in hundreds of incredible new Wild West-themed cards, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for reprints too. There are some great new Special Guests debuting in this set, and players will want to know how to get their hands on them

Introduced in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, Special Guests are a style of reprint that provides new art for cards in real need of a return, casting these cards as part of the set they’re launching in. Special Guests have been a big hit for Magic so far, providing excellent reprint quality without breaking from the theme and setting of a set’s plane and story.

We’ll run you through the Special Guest cards appearing in Outlaws of Thunder Junction, so you’ll know how they work and what to look out for when the set launches in pre-release on April 12 and worldwide on April 19.

All Outlaws of Thunder Junction Special Guests

Stoneforge Mystic

MTG The List Stoneforge Mystic

One of the best Equipment support cards ever printed, Stoneforge Mystic has been declared too powerful for multiple formats since its debut. However, times have changed, and with this release, Stoneforge Mystic is legal in Historic as well as Modern.

This card can not only tutor up any piece of Equipment in your deck for just 1W (one generic mana and one white), but it can consistently pump Equipment onto your field for far cheaper than the regular casting cost. With its absurd value, Stoneforge Mystic will be highly sought after once Outlaws of Thunder Junction arrives.

Brazen Borrower

MTG The List Brazen Borrower

An Adventure card containing a variety of what blue mana does best. This card can be cast as an Instant to bounce permanents back to the hand. It can then come out of exile at any point thanks to flash, ready to deal a decent chunk of damage or block a flier that would otherwise soar past your defenses.

Port Razer

MTG The List Port

Extra combat step enablers are highly sought after in MTG, with Karlach, Fury of Avernus spiking in price thanks to her use in red mana decks. Port Razer’s effect is very similar, but it relies on dealing combat damage to opponents, meaning you might have to be a little more tactical in how you activate your extra turns.

Additionally, this card incentivizes attacking multiple opponents in the same turn, so make sure you’ve got the forces necessary to withstand the entire table-turning on you after a particularly explosive play.


MTG The List desert

A colorless land that also doubles as a way to punish attackers, Desert can be added to a number of Thunder Junction deck types, most notably the Desert Bloom pre-con.

Prismatic Vista

MTG The List Prismatic

An incredible land card that is practically a must-have for decks with 3 types of mana and above. Prismatic Vista can be sacrificed to search for any type of basic land in your deck, and the land comes directly out onto the battlefield. Crucially, it also doesn’t enter tapped, meaning Prismatic Vista can enable all sorts of multi-mana plays exactly when you need them.

Mystic Snake

Thunder Junction Mystic Snake

A creature that doubles as a counterspell thanks to flash. Mystic Snake’s cost might not be the easiest to activate, but the ability to shut down an opponent’s play and get a body of your own out on the board cannot be underestimated.

Morbid Opportunist

MTG The List Morbid

Black mana draws often rely on their controller paying some additional cost, so Morbid Opportunist is a welcome divergence. Drawing a card once per turn when a Creature dies is a surprisingly reliable way to keep your hand stocked, especially given the huge variety of removal and graveyard strategies that this mana color provides.

Notion Thief

MTG The List Notion Thief

A cruel card that is no less effective for the frustration it causes. Notion Thief completely shuts down your opponents’ ability to add extra cards to their hands outside of the draw step. What’s more, it rewards you for doing so, causing you to draw a card each time an opponent’s attempt is shut down.


Desertion counterspell

Desertion is an incredible counterspell that not only prevents an opponent from casting a spell but effectively causes that spell to turn coat and join your side instead. If the spell that you counter with Desertion is an Artifact or Creature, it enters the field under your control instead of hitting the grave, turning an opponent’s big play to your advantage.


MTG The List Scapeshift

A mana-fixing card that really comes into its own when played in decks that can retrieve lands from the grave. While sacrificing land to search for the colors you need is useful on its own, sacrificing your land, getting an equal number of replacements, and then bringing the originals all back can put your resources so far ahead of your opponents’ that it’ll be almost impossible for them to catch up.

Where to find Special Guests in Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Special Guests make up 10 out of the 40 cards comprising The List for Thunder Junction. The remaining 30 cards belong to The Big Score bonus sheet. Special Guest cards replace a common in Play Boosters in 1 out of every 5 Play Boosters.

Special Guest cards can be found extremely rarely in Play Boosters, as well as in Collector Boosters. Non-foil Special Guest cards can be found in 1 out of every 64 Play Boosters, and foil Special Guests can be located in Collector Boosters.

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