MTG Murders at Karlov Manor: Best & most expensive Commander reprints

Jack Bye
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Murders at Karlov Manor’s Commander decks are packing some hugely powerful and valuable reprints, and we’ll show you our picks for the best of them.

While The Lost Caverns of Ixalan was a hotly-anticipated MTG set, many were surprised by the quality of the set’s pre-con Commander decks. Veloci-RAMP-tor was the clear best of the bunch, but every deck had at least one compelling reason to buy thanks to the inclusion of powerful and expensive reprints.

Thankfully, Lost Caverns’ reprint generosity doesn’t seem to be a one-and-done, as Murders at Karlov Manor’s Commander decks are packing some excellent reprint options too. We’ll walk you through the best of them and help you decide whether this set is right for you.

Top 5 Murders at Karlov Manor Commander reprints

5. Seedborn Muse

MTG Karlov Manor Reprints Seedborn Muse

Untapping all of your permanents has a wide variety of uses, and doing so during each opponent’s end step can easily bring a game to a close in a short space of time.

Unwinding Clock is a highly valuable Artifact because of its similar effect. But while Seedborn Muse may be restricted to green mana decks, it goes above and beyond by affecting all your Permanents as opposed to just Artifacts.

Seedborn Muse’s effect grants a kind of pseudo-vigilance to your Creatures, but its real value lies in mana and tap effects.

While this card is on your field, all of your lands will untap and free you up for interrupts and other Instants during your opponents’ plays. Additionally, all of your tap effects can be activated once per opponent’s turn, building up their value significantly. With Seedborn Muse active, it feels as though each of their turns is just another one of yours.

Price: $14.43

4. Rise of the Dark Realms

MTG Karlov Manor Reprints Dark Realms

An exceptionally powerful and costly sorcery that perfectly embodies one of black mana’s key aspects. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more powerful necromancy spell in all of Magic the Gathering, as Rise of the Dark Realms places all creatures from every single battlefield back in play and under your control.

If played directly after a boardwipe, or simply late in the game once many creatures have fallen, Rise of the Dark Realms is almost impossible to defend against and can see its player cruise right to victory.

Simple and straightforward, this is one of the most impactful cards that can be played in any long-running game of MTG.

Price: $14.98

3. Adrix and Nev, Twincasters

MTG Karlov Manor Reprints Twincasters

A truly dynamic duo, Adrix and Nev debuted in Strixhaven: School of Mage’s Quandrix Commander deck. While other Commanders in that set like Osgir, the Reconstructor were warmly received by fans, Adrix and Nev have since been slotted into a huge number of Commander decks as a valuable engine piece.

Token doublers are some of MTG’s most sought-after cards, thanks to the impact they can have in the Commander format. Swarming the field is a breeze with just a few token duplicators. Cards like Doubling Season have reached truly impressive price points as a result, and Adrix and Nev are no different.

While requiring both blue and green mana makes Adrix and Nev somewhat fiddlier to work with than mono-colored doublers like Anointed Procession and Parallel Lives, this is still a powerful enough effect to make this card highly sought-after.

Additionally, as cards like this are often targeted for removal as soon as they hit the field, Adrix and Nev’s inherent Ward 2 definitely adds to the card’s appeal, making it more likely to stick around and pay off its incredible effect.

Wizards seems to have taken note of this card’s usefulness and price, and are also reprinting it in a new Secret Lair as a result.

Price: $16.96

2. Jeska’s Will

MTG Karlov Manor Reprints Jeska's Will

Red decks – especially those focusing on spellslinging – thrive on big bursts of mana and explosive turns. Jeska’s Will can potentially give you access to a bunch more options through impulse draw, and then hand you all the mana you need to cast them.

For an initial mana investment of just 2R (two generic mana and one red), Jeska’s Will can pay that back and then some. It’s particularly satisfying to target players who have removed their hand size limit and receive a huge flood of mana practically for free.

It’s no wonder that the price of Jeska’s Will had climbed so high, but thanks to Murders at Karlov Manor’s Commander Decks, it’s looking to be a much more accessible option for red players very soon.

Price: $17.28

1. Bennie Bracks, Zoologist

MTG Karlov Manor Reprints Zoologist

While card draw is always a welcome element of MTG, Bennie Bracks may seem initially overcosted compared to the strength of his effect. However, it quickly becomes clear that this card is a secret powerhouse, doing incredible work for almost no initial investment.

As Bennie Bracks is intended to be run in token-based decks, Convoke will almost always have multiple options to pay its cost. As a result, Bennie is effectively a one-mana card when properly built around.

Given white mana’s propensity for token generation and duplication, any deck including Bennie will almost be guaranteed an additional draw on each of their end steps.

For all of white mana’s many strengths, card draw is an area that white decks can certainly be lacking in. An effect as reliable as Bennie’s can bring white decks up to draw parity with other mana types, leaving them with any number of options for locking down the field and securing a win.

Price: $17.89

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