New MTG Murders at Karlov Manor creature turns simple spells deadly

Jack Bye
MTG Kalov Manor Judith

Rakdos has a new high-tier Commander in town, as MTG Murders at Karlov Manor debuts a game-changing spellslinger.

MTG’s Murders at Karlov Manor reveals have begun in full, and all manner of powerful spells are dropping. The highly-anticipated set has already debuted interesting new mechanics like Cases, and the return of long-running Ravnica characters like Krenko.

Judith, Carnage Connoisseur is a new black and red mana Legendary Creature debuting in MTG’s Murders at Karlov Manor set. This excellent new Rakdos option is already causing a stir among MTG fans, and will likely end up as one of the most popular cards and Commanders of the whole set.

Judith, Carnage Connoisseur buffs spells significantly

MTG Kalov Manor Judith carnage connoisseur card

While Rakdos is perhaps best known for an aggressive, sacrifice-heavy playstyle – not to mention the Rakdos Scam template that has dominated competitive Magic of late – this color combo is not without its spell-slinging pedigree. Commanders like Prosper, Tome-Bound, and Rowan, Scion of War can burn through opponents’ life totals in an instant with the right setup.

Now Judith, Carnage Connoisseur is all set to join that rare company and provide another way for Rakdos players to devastate their opponents without ever swinging with creatures.

Judith costs 3BR to cast, and her ability gives you a choice of effects whenever you cast an Instant or Sorcery, not limited to once per turn. Either the spell gains deathtouch and lifelink or a 2/2 red imp is created that deals two damage to each opponent on death.

The main attraction here is absolutely the first ability. There are a huge number of red and black spells that can deal damage, from Essence Drain to Electrotickery.

With Judith’s help, usually, minor sources of damage can become deadly boardwipes that allow you to gain a ton of life into the bargain. As pointed out by Reddit commenter tom277:

“End the festivities [with a] 1 mana 1-sided board wipe with this, love it.”

Even for spells without the ability to inherently deal damage, the imp-generating ability provides a nice wall of blockers that can soak up damage, die, and further whittle down opponents’ life totals.

Judith, Carnage Connoseuir is absolutely a Commander to watch out for, and we can see her making waves following Murders at Karlov Manor’s February 9 release.

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