Most expensive reprints in MTG Ixalan Commander decks

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Don’t miss out on these high-value reprints from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan MTG Commander Decks.

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan set contains some of the best value Commander products MTG has ever seen. Each Commander deck contains powerful new cards from the plane of Ixalan, but it’s the reprints that players really want to look out for.

With strong and costly options appearing in each deck, these precons are a great addition to any Commander player’s arsenal. We’ll walk you through the best reprints appearing in these decks and help you weigh up which deck is right for you.

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Black Market Connections – $24.93

Ixalan Black Market Connections

Debuting in Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate, Black Market Connections is an exceptionally versatile pick that slots into almost any black mana deck.

Offering turn-by-turn value through treasure generation, card draw, or creature tokens, Black Market Connections is one of black’s very best generic value engines. Out of every card in the Lost Caverns of Ixalan pre-cons, Black Market Connections has the biggest broad appeal.

Exquisite Blood – $29.94

MTG Exquisite Blood card

A must-have for almost any vampire deck, fans of MTG’s most stylish undead creatures will be thrilled to see such a highly-valued card finally appear in a vampire pre-con.

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Exquisite Blood may be an iconic vampire card, but its price has climbed to its current heights due to just how crucial it is to almost any lifegain deck.
Lifegain – with the exception of Food Tokens’ latest boost – has seen its fortunes dwindle in the Commander format. Commander damage can easily cause a loss without depleting a lifegain player’s whole life total, and building up a stack of life can often make you the biggest target at the table.

Exquisite Blood turns lifegain from a defensive strategy to an offensive one, paying off your lifegain with tremendous bursts of burn damage, directly draining your opponents.

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Branching Evolution – $17.67

MTG Ixalan reprints - Branching Evolution

+1/+1 counters are an all-time favorite of green decks, finding a particularly supportive home in blue/green Simic decks like The Lost Caverns of Ixalan’s Explorers of the Deep.

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While green decks hardly lack options for +1/+1 counter production, you really need counter doublers to outspeed your opponents and build up a terrifying board. That’s where Branching Evolution comes in.

Costing just 2G, Branching Evolution is a mana-cheap early investment, coming out earlier than cards with similar effects like Corpsejack Menace. With Branching Evolution in place, you’ll soon outpace your opponents in terms of power.

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Branching Evolution is particularly useful in decks that make use of hydra creatures, effectively doubling most X-cost hydras’ power whenever they hit the board.

Akroma’s Will – $14.93

MTG Ixalan reprints - Akroma's Will

One of the most potent finisher cards in all of Magic: The Gathering, Akroma’s Will is also an incredibly powerful defensive option.

Seeing its best use in Commander, Akroma’s will attaches a whole host of MTG’s most powerful keywords to all your creatures for the turn, allowing them to survive almost any form of removal, doubling up their power, adding lifeline, and more.

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If you have a board ready to go over the top, and you need help protecting it from removal or an extra push of damage and evasion, almost nothing works better than Akroma’s Will.

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