MTG’s shadiest shapeshifter is back in action

Jack Bye
MTG Shapeshifter morgue image

Draw cards, dismantle graveyards, and copy Creatures with this excellent new MTG Murders at Karlov Manor Commander.

Lazav, Wearer of Faces is the latest appearance of one of MTG’s shadiest characters. His appearances always seem to dismay characters and delight players with each return.

Lazav is a legendary figure on Ravnica, one of MTG’s best-ever planes. As the leader of House Dimir, Ravnica’s hidden guild, Lazav has overseen many nefarious plots and returned from seeming demise again and again.

Lazav, House Dimir’s mastermind returns to MTG once more

MTG Lazav Dimir Head card

Lazav not only builds on a classic MTG Shapeshifter playstyle, the Dimir Boss also feeds into Murders at Karlov Manor’s main mechanics through its Investigate ability.

Investigate generates Clue tokens and increases the likelihood of players drawing into their best cards. This is practically a necessity in blue mana where draw power is king. Lazav feeds into Dimir colors’ (blue and black) controlling the match through value and removal, preventing opponents from recurring their best cards while amassing draw power.

Whenever you sacrifice a Clue while Lazav is on the field, you can have Lazav become a copy of another target creature of your choice. Through this shapeshifting, Lazav opens up a huge new array of options. Double up on your own best creatures or siphon your opponents’ strategies to outfox and outgun your way to victory.

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