MTG Murders at Karlov Manor Commander deck hits all-time low price

Jack Bye
MTG Karlov Manor Blame Game deck

Blame Game is a new goad-based Commander deck from MTG’s Murders at Karlov Manor set, and its price has dropped significantly since launch.

Murders at Karlov Manor is MTG’s latest premier set, an intriguing murder mystery that takes Magic’s gameplay and style in bold new directions. While many elements of the set are brand-new, the Blame Game decks expands on a robust, reliable Commander strategy: Goad.

Blame Game is currently on sale at Amazon for 26% off the standard price. This is a great deal to find so soon after the set’s release. What’s more, this is the lowest price that Amazon has ever offered the deck for, so if you’re interested, take a look right now!

Murders at Karlov Manor’s Commander decks continue the excellent value streak started by The Lost Caverns of Ixalan’s Commander line. Each of these decks contains at least one highly valuable reprint, making them well worth checking out even if you usually have little interest in pre-cons.

Blame Game blends old Commander strategies with new Karlov Manor abilities, creating a deck that’s great fun to play at any table. The Goad ability provokes other players into attacking anyone at the table but you, breaking stalemates and spurring interactive, dynamic games.

Murders at Karlov Manor has introduced the Suspect mechanic to MTG. When a creature is suspected, it gains Menace – meaning that it can only be blocked by two or more creatures – but it also cannot block. With Blame Game weaving in many cards with Goad and Suspect, aggressive gameplay is absolutely key here. Thanks to this deck being in Boros colors (red and white) it’ll have no problem holding its own in the melee.

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