New MTG Murders at Karlov Manor card could rattle the game

Jack Bye
MTG Tinybones Skeleton

Murders at Karlov Manor has brought mystery to the forefront of MTG, and the Case of the Stashed Skeleton is an excellent, powerful example.

Case of the Stashed Skeleton is an incredibly unique card in MTG. As part of the new Case enchantment type, this card is exploring new design space that Magic players are quickly falling in love with.

Solving Case of the Stashed Skeleton requires getting rid of some incriminating evidence, but finding a way around this bone-chilling dilemma will put MTG players at a huge advantage.

Case of the Stashed Skeleton draws

MTG Case of the stashed skeleton

Cases in MTG – debuting in Murders at Karlov Manor – play similarly to Sagas and Classes. These are multi-step Enchantments that progress once certain conditions are met. However, while Sagas advance naturally over time and Classes can evolve through pumping mana into them, it’s possible to unlock all of a Case’s payoffs right away by setting up the conditions required to ‘solve’ it.

While other Cases revealed so far like Case of the Filched Falcon provide positives to their player at every step, Case of the Stashed Skeleton stands apart in that it creates a problem for you to solve, and doing so nets you an impressive reward.

Creating a 2/1 skeleton with Menace is decent, if a little underpowered for 2 mana, but if you can find a way to get rid of the skeleton, this Case can be sacrificed for a cost of 1B, allowing you to tutor up any card in your deck and add it to your hand without restriction. Effectively a Demonic Tutor with extra steps, Case of the Stashed Skeleton provides an engaging puzzle for players to solve.

Curse of the Stashed Skeleton also allows you to play mind games with your opponents at all stages of the game. While the Skeleton itself will quickly crumble if blocked by two opponents’ creatures, effectively giving you a Demonic Tutor is an incentive for them to let your damage go through.

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