Fan-favorite MTG Secret Lair gets sequel with amazing reprints

Jack Bye
MTG sakashima

This cereal-themed Secret Lair deserves a look from all MTG fans thanks to including expensive and useful cards.

MTG’s Secret Lairs can be somewhat hit-and-miss among players, but a recently announced release is drawing a lot of early attention and is available for purchase right now.

While the style and theming of Secret Lair: Just Add Milk, Second Helpings will appeal to a subset of MTG fans and lovers of the first wave of Just Add Milk, the incredible value of its reprints will help push this product into the limelight for the Magic community at large.

Reprint Quality in Just Add Milk, Second Helpings is off the charts

MTG Secret Lair second helpings cards

What makes this Secret Lair one to really keep an eye on is the value of the cards included. The first Secret Lair: Just Add Milk was raved about by players thanks to its inclusion of Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. Not only an on-theme card, Ulamog was incredibly expensive at the time, costing around $40 or more. This second version of Just Add Milk looks to continue this trend.

Adrix and Nev, Twincasters is a pricey and powerful doubler for token decks, recently receiving another reprint in Murders at Karlov Manor that will hopefully drive its price down further. Sakashima of a Thousand Faces can fetch upwards of $30 for a single copy, so its inclusion here is incredibly welcome.

Krark the Thumbless and Yargle, Glutton of Urborg are more common and less pricey cards but are still fun and powerful options for a variety of decks. For players that would like every card in the Secret Lair to be valuable, this may ber disappointing, but these cards still make for great collectors’ items thanks to their style.

This level of reprint quality could be part of a broader strategy by Wizards to help boost sales for some of MTG’s wider offerings. Recent MTG Commander pre-cons, from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, have featured at least one high-value reprint per set. This pattern has continued into Murders at Karlov Manor, with its Commander pre-cons holding both value and power for players. If the same starts to hold true for Secret Lairs – as it did for Commander Deck: Raining Cats and Dogs – more players may get in on buying these products.

Secret Lair: Just Add Milk, Second Helpings may sell out quickly

Those looking forward to this Secret Lair should lock February 5 in their calendar, especially given Wizards’ controversial recent change to Secret Lair printing. Rather than the print-to-demand model that had been used prior, Secret Lairs now follow a limited-run model. As a result, the first Secret Lair to follow this model – Raining Cats and Dogs – sold out within a matter of hours.

MTG Secret Lair: Just Add Milk, Second Helpings is well worth a look due to its excellent selection of reprints, even if its style doesn’t initially appeal to players. It remains to be seen if this Secret Lair will be available for longer than Raining Cats and Dogs, or if this new model will consistently require players to be quick on the draw or risk losing out.

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