MTG fans fall in love with Bloomburrow frog that wants you to play all your cards like an “idiot”

Jack Bye
MTG Flubs the foolish frog from Bloomburrow

Flubs, the Fool is a new buy-a-box promo card for Magic: The Gathering’s Bloomburrow set. Perfectly encapsulating the fairytale atmosphere that has made MTG players fall for this set, Flubs is an absolute highlight of Bloomburrow’s early spoilers.

MTG Bloomburrow’s spoiler season has only just begun, and Magic players have already been treated to a wide array of fantastic cards to build around or add to existing decks.

From Planeswalkers being given adorable animal forms to clashes with menacing elemental beasts, Bloomburrow is pulling out all the stops to get fans old and new engaged with this fully non-human Magic world.

With powerful Creatures and interesting new forms for long-running characters are all well and good, there’s one thing that has proven time and time again to get Magic fans excited, and that’s Frog cards.

MTG Bloomburrow Flubs card

Flubs, the Fool is a Legendary Frog Scout card that can be cast for GUR. This Creature is incredibly unaggressive as a 0/5 but can serve as a good early-game blocker.

Flubs’ passive ability is incredibly beneficial though, allowing you to play an additional land on each of your turns while this card remains on your field. However, there’s a catch, as whenever you play a land or cast a spell, Flubs will force you to discard a card from your hand.

While this may seem like a significant downside at first, Flub, the Fool rewards recklessly churning through your resources, drawing a card whenever a spell is cast or land is played as long as you have no other cards in your hand.

It’s surprising to see a close approximation of the Hellbent ability crop up in Bloomburrow, but it absolutely fits Flubs, the Fool. As one fan pointed out: “Hellbent being represented here by just being a f***ing idiot.”

MTG fans have immediately fallen for Flub’s foolish charms, with another player responding to the card’s reveal with: “There it is, the card I’m going to try to make work as a commander deck and probably fail miserably.”

Combat capabilities aside, Flubs’ offbeat abilities allow the card to work as part of Temur decks like Animar, Soul of Elements and Omnath, Locus of the Roil, as long as you’re willing to carefully play around its drawbacks.