Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trick turns any shield into a skateboard

Link with the Hylian ShieldNintendo

If you’re wanting to unlock your inner Tony Hawk and hit Hyrule in style, then this Tears of the Kingdom skateboard trick will enable you to do just that.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom community has been busy using Ultrahand to create all kinds of whacky vehicles. From deadly Armored Core-inspired mechs to high-powered aircraft, there is seemingly a never-ending amount of creativity on offer.

While shield surfing has always been a great way to get down a particularly steep slope, a new trick has amplified this adrenaline-fueled pass time. In fact, Nintendo has now enabled players to turn any shield into Link’s own skateboard.

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Not only does this open up yet another way for Link to traverse the world around him in the game, but it’s also extremely easy to do once you know how. So, here’s how you can turn any Tears of the Kingdom shield into a skateboard and unleash your inner Tony Hawk.

Tears of the Kingdom trick turn shields into skateboards

Shield Surfing has an added twist in Tears of the Kingdom as players can now use Fuse to affix all kinds of weapons, Zonai Devices, and items to their shields. Not only does this give the shield increased durability, but it also can give them different effects.

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Well, the latter is what happens when you Fuse a minecart to any shield. As seen in the video above, attaching this overworld item can give a neat set of wheels – essentially turning your shield into a skateboard.

This drastically increases your movement speed and enables Link to effortlessly tear it up down slopes. To make matters even better, this technique can be used to grind along the railings that connect some of the Sky Islands together.

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So, next time you happen to see a minecart lying around, be sure to use this simple trick to unleash your inner Tony Hawk. For more handy tips and tricks, check out our Zelda page.

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